Should you wish to tie a scarf in the bun fashion, you have to first look for the perfect scarf, fold the scarf perfectly into a triangle, put the scarf on your head, tie the sides right behind your head, form a loose bun, and put the right and left corner around the bun.

Scarves are generally extremely versatile and chic accessories that can easily glam up your outfit. You can don your scarf as a belt, around your neck area or even in numerous other ways. If you have a scarf made up of rich or dense material, you may fashion it as a head scarf by just tying it all around your hair. Head scarves can certainly make you look simply fashionable and are generally great for stylizing your daily outfit. In addition to the fashion aspect, head scarves could also safeguard your hair from the sun’s rays and pollution around the environment and are effective for covering up an awful hair day. Try these guidelines if you wish to learn how to tie scarves into a bun fashion:

Look for the perfect scarf suitable for you

Look for a scarf that you can utilize. It needs to be heavy or thick so that it can keep your hair in its place and also not easily unravel. It’s also advisable to consider what you will be wearing that day so that you can match the designs and shades of your attire. If you prefer, you can opt for a scarf with a simple or fairly neutral tone so that you can quickly match it with just about any outfit. Some of the most popular colors for scarves are dark brown, gray, blue and also ebony. On the other hand, if your attire is monochromatic, you can instantly jazz it up using a bright-colored scarf or anything with an appealing and busy design instead.

Fold the scarf into a triangle

Start off by folding the material in two so that it turns into a triangle. Ensure that the edges are aligned.

Put the scarf onto your head

Lay the folded scarf on your head and be sure that the center corner gently falls over the rear of your head and also covers your neck area. The straight edge should also drop on your front hairline.

Put the sides behind your head

As soon as you’re sure that the scarf is correctly set, tie the right and left sides only once behind your head. Create the knot at your neck area’s base exactly under the middle corner.

Make a loose bun

Insert the middle part or the end underneath the knot you tied. Shove it tightly to ensure that the scarf conceals it. This will bring about the creation of a loose bun at your back.

Place the left and right corner around the bun

Hold the right side and meticulously wrap it all around the bun you have just created. Be sure that the scarf is seamless and positioned securely on your head as you wrap. The bun should also be of round shape and also protruding right behind your neck area. Continue wrapping right until you’ve reached the end of the scarf. After which, you can tuck the end into the bun properly to make sure that it doesn’t get free or perhaps unravel. Wrap the other corner by following the same procedures you used with the right. Ensure that you also insert it inside the bun securely.

By following the easy steps above you now have a great accessory that is both fashionable and functional.