In washing pashmina shawls, you should follow these steps: clean the sink and connect the drain, fill the sink with warm water and include gentle laundry detergent or shampoo, wash the pashmina shawl gently, wash using hair conditioner, gently pat and squeeze the shawl, rinse thoroughly until free from soap, let it dry, press the shawl with a cool iron when dry, and store.

Pashmina is the greatest type of cashmere wool there is, and it is famous for its spectacular texture and softness. It comes from Capra Hircus goats of the Himalayas, specifically from their underbelly. Many pashmina shawls are a combination of pashmina and silk. They’re impressively smooth and comfortable to the skin. This traditional accessory goes with formal and casual attire, and it is available in a wide variety of colours and styles. You will never run out of choices with pashmina shawls. What’s more is that with suitable handling and washing, your pashmina shawl will get even smoother with every wash. Follow the tips below to clean your shawls the right way:

Clean your kitchen sink and attach the drain

Clean your sink before doing anything else. Don’t forget to connect the drain. You can also utilize a small basin to clean your pashmina shawl.

Fill the sink or basin with warm water and put gentle laundry detergent or hair shampoo

Add a capful of gentle detergent or baby hair shampoo after you fill your sink or basin with lukewarm water. You could use your hand to swirl water. Be sure that the detergent or baby hair shampoo is completely dissolved. Don’t use soap in hand-washing pashmina shawls because this can damage the cloth fabric.

Clean the pashmina shawl carefully

Get your shawl and immerse it in water. Using your own hands, slowly clean your shawl. Be very careful in doing so especially in hand-washing pashmina add-ons like hand-tied tassels.

Rinse with hair conditioner

This step is optional. If you’d like your shawl to become smoother, you may wash it with a substantial amount of conditioner.

Gently pat and squeeze the shawl

Squeeze and pat your shawl carefully to remove the soap and water. Never wring or twist the shawl. This may expand the fabric.

Rinse thoroughly with water until free from soap

Unplug the drain and wash the shawl with water until the cleaning soap is totally taken off.

Allow it to dry

When the shawl is thoroughly rinsed of soap, lay it flat on a surface. Gently stretch the shawl to achieve its original shape. Don’t expose it directly to any source of heat like sun rays.

Press your shawl using a cool iron when dry

Once the pashmina shawl is dry, press it utilizing a moderately or cool warm iron. You should place a sheet of paper or cloth fabric between the iron and the shawl. This is done so that the fabric won’t be scorched.


Before storing the shawl within a polythene bag, flip it and enclose it inside tissue paper. Carelessly placing your pashmina anywhere may expose it to moisture, sunlight, dust and moths. You wouldn’t want your shawl to become destroyed.

Beware when using your shawl beside hard materials like metal-studded clothes and jewellery since they may snag the cloth fabric and damage it. Additionally, never dry clean, bleach or brush the pashmina shawl. Following these guidelines will lengthen the life of your shawl and keep it in good shape.