If you want to develop personalized envelopes, prepare all the things that you need, search for an old envelope that you can use as a guide, cut out the cardstock, set up the design for the envelope, cut out an envelope from the wrapping paper, begin folding, glue the flaps, and include the finishing details.

Home made greeting cards have become a well known way to show friends, relatives and your family that you remember them. The awesome thing about giving personalised cards is that you could personalize them to the last details. But once you are done creating your greeting card, where do you obtain a matching envelope for it? It is easy to make customized vinyl envelopes to match your customized greeting cards by following these simplesteps:

Prepare all the things you need

To create specialized envelopes for your greeting cards or other messages, you’ll need cardstock, wrapping paper, any embellishments that you need, a pencil, ruler, glue stick and a pair of scissors.

Hunt for an old envelope which you can use as a guide

To start with the project you need to find an old envelope that you can use as a guide for folding. It should be similar size like the envelope that you like to develop.

Cut out the cardstock

Take the cardstock and put it on the work surface. Put the old envelope that you found on top of it and trace the edges onto the cardstock by using a pencil. You may utilize a ruler to make certain that you draw straight lines. Once you are done, cut from the lines you tracked. You will now have a piece of cardstock which is the same size like the old envelope. Set aside this cardstock item that you have cut because you will utilize it later on as a folding guide.

Set up the design for the envelope

Tear envelope apart by separating the glued joints from each other. Make sure you perform this attentively so you do not tear or crumple the envelope. As soon as it has been entirely taken apart, put it flat over another piece of cardstock. You have to trace the edges again by using the pencil. Ensure that you also use the ruler in case you’ll find unequal edges on the envelope. Carefully cut the template.

Cut out an envelope from the wrapping paper

Put the template you have cut onto the wrapping paper. Use a pencil to trace around the corners. Cut out the envelope design carefully from the wrapping paper by following the lines you have traced.

Begin folding

Before you begin folding the envelope, place the folding guide in the center of the envelope. Crease and start folding the side edges of the envelope first. And after that fold the lower flap to the center.

Now glue the flaps

Use the glue to attach the flaps. First apply it on the side of the bottom flap and connect it to the end flaps. Be cautious not to smear any glue on the internal area of the envelope. Let the envelope dry.

Include finishing touches

If you want, you could personalize your envelope to provide a unique feel and fit it to your greetings card. Pick touches like stickers, beads, sequins that compliment the design and colours of the greeting card and employ them carefully.

You can now slip the greeting card or correspondence into your custom-made envelope and mail it.