The amount you pay on a bar Mitzvah gift is determined by three different aspects: how you are connected to the celebrant, the kind of gift you like to give, and how many in your family are attending.

Bar Mitzvah refers to a Jewish special event welcoming a boy into his adulthood at the age of thirteen, binding him to study the 10 Commandments and play a role in leading spiritual ceremonies. The classic celebration begins with the spiritual ceremony and is usually followed by a reception visited by friends and family who bring presents to the honoree. If you are invited to the occasion, here are some ideas to help you know the amount you should spend for Bar Mizvah Gifts:

Your connection to the celebrant

In most instances, as with other celebrations, the closer you are connected to the celebrant, the more expensive your present will get. Gift items for Bar Mitzvah can range from as low as $30 for family close friends who are not too close to the honoree up to $300 for family members or close friends and relatives. Bar mitzvah gifts are generally the same as the presents you give to a boy celebrating his 13th birthday or something that is connected to the Jewish way of living, such as spiritual books and other related items. You can also pick fresher gift items, such as sports gadgest and video games.

The type of gift you desire to give

The amount you will spend for a Bar Mitzvah gift also depends on the type of present you need to give to the celebrant. For instance, if you wish to give cash, it would be appropriate to give anything in multiples of $18, that is a spiritual number in Judaism. If you’re a close cousin or perhaps friend of the honoree, you can give a cash gift or a financial savings bond. However, if you want to give non-monetary gifts, the exact value doesn’t need to be grand compared to money gifts. In case you are distant relative or friend of the celebrant, you may give presents ranging in value from thirty to sixty U.S. dollars, which is more or less the same amount as other guests will be offering.

How many in your family are attending the Bar Mitzvah occasion

The number of members of the family attending the event should also be considered when determining how much to pay for your gift item. If several in your family are attending the Bar Mitzvah, think about offering a much more expensive present or a bigger money gift than if you were visiting the event alone. Also you can think about presenting more than one gift from the entire family, instead.

Now that you have a good idea the amount to spend for the Bar Mitzvah gift, make sure you find something which interests the honoree. If you are working on a very limited budget, you can also think about giving inexpensive yet really exciting home-made gifts, such as personalized journals, home-made goodies, and more.