Pirated Milk

Pirated Milk

I saw this on 1 of the update from a parent’s FB update at HERE.
They don’t know go where, buy until pirated milk like this.
From the comments posted in that FB status, one of the commenter said the real ones, the label is printed on the tin itself, not on the paper that wrap on the tin.
So if you see this Enfalac is paper label ones, don’t buy. Very high possibility is pirated ones.

Malaysia got DVD pirated, software pirated, FB account pirated, now children milk also got pirated ones!

Pirated MilkPirated Milk

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  • Tarmizi Kamaruddin

    Maybe the company want to cut the cost by simply wrap the old tin with new label…

    It was from the same company.
    Can’t the same company do changes to their own products?

  • The formula of Enfalac and Enfamil is different.
    Price also different.
    And it doesn’t seems like is the company do the wrapping themself 1.