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A blog community website owner, Rei, has asked me before, why do I sponsoring blog hosting to people.
My answer is very simple. I have space which I don’t want to waste. So I use it for sponsoring people.
It is an effort to promote open source softwares since when there is people running a self hosted blog, they will need to use a blog script. And the most common use blog script nowadays is WordPress, which it is an open source project.

There is another reason.
Nowadays, most people is using blog service like and
They are not flexible enough for total customization, there is too much restriction where you can only do very little customization.

The I just mentioned is actually a free blog service running on the WordPress script. Although it is using the same script, but since it is a shared hosted service, you are not provided access to modify the files and install plugins as you like.

While, people think it is very customizable.
Actually it is not correct. Although you can edit the layout via the xml file, but still, you are not able to upload plugins and totally customize it. You can only use 3rd party widgets or widgets that is already provided.

To get the blog hosting sponsorship, is very simple.
Just go to and register.
There will be 2 registration option. But the best is if you choose the first one as I will install and setup the wordpress script according to my hosting server’s configuration.

If you have any question after you had started to use the blog hosting service, you can always go to and ask your question there.

Tutorials on how to setup the wordpress script yourself will also be posted in that forum.
Of course, if you already know how to setup the blog yourself, you can always write your own version of tutorial at there.

There is no limit on how many account a person can own, as long as you want another account, just register.
If you intended to use the hosting for other thing besides blog, you can also do so as long as you know how to do it yourself. So this means you can even register an account to run a forum, personal website, charity website or anything.

You might be curious about the hosting specification.
Here is the link where you can see what you will get for this hosting.

You might feel that the space and bandwidth that provided is too less. But I can tell you, it is more than enough for sustain more than 1 year. If really not enough, then it means you already become very popular and had earn a lot from your blog. Then that will be the time you should upgrade to paid hosting service. But until then, it should be enough.

My blog until now also didn’t use that much bandwidth and space, it has run for about 2 years already. So I think that the space I sponsor should be enough for use very very long time.

I hope that this program can help more people to have more freedom in blogging.
And I also hope that you can promote it to everyone just in case they are looking for a hosting for their blog.
A link/blogroll to is much appreciated.

If you wanted to place a badge of Chicken Run Project at your blog/website, you mat use the codes below.
Chicken Run Badge

<a href=><img src=></a>

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  • Linux Varsiti Official webpage is also using this service 🙂

  • yo jipang,
    thx for dropping by and let ppl know that Linux Varsity is also running on Chicken Run Project

  • so this is totally free? can i post about this on my blog?

  • thanks for the info! I need that.

  • Friar

    Everyone? As many as you want? Oh boy, those Russian and American porn site operators are going to love this!! They are going to register with a legit url and once it’s up…porn time!!!

    Don’t tell me you are going to check on each and everyone one of the blogs that you are planning on hosting every day. Even Blogger takes months to filter out new sites with porn and even that, they have to rely on public feedback and complains. foolish and naive can people be…

  • @ariff,
    yeah, u may blog about this, and i would be glad to see ppl blog about this

    hope to see u having ur own self hosted blog under Chicken Run Project soon

    i know you a paid web hosting provider and you feel that i am affecting you business and the others. no point attacking me like this when i wanted to do a hosting sponsorship, as u can see, it is not really affecting ur business as the spec is far lower than paid hosting services. 🙂

    And yes, i do aware that those russian porn operators always register free hosting accounts for spam. i do run free web hosting since long time ago and i do aware of this.

    the server have spam/porn words detection and when those porn words is used too many times, the account will be auto suspend. i am not saying that it can detect all of these sites. but i dun think it is a problem if no one complaint, coz if no 1 complaint, i it means that site is not active, and when it is not active for certain of time, it will be auto suspended as well.

    as free web hosting provider, it is normal to have these russian porn site registered in the server, right? as long as i receive complaint, i will sure take action, and if not, i dun see any problem.

    and by the way, stop ddosing my blog! my blog is not hosted in the free hosting server! no point if you ddos my blog while it is not the one that serving these free hosting accounts!!!

    my blog is hosted on my own private use VPS and please do not try to brute force my private hosting control panel again!!!!

  • Chim…dun understand haha:D

  • @kelvin,
    this article means i am providing free service for ppl to run their own blog with their own domain name, like wat usually those famous bloggers is doing

    if u dun understand about the reply i write to Friar, just leave it, i am actually shooting him back for trying to sabotaj this sponsorship program.

  • I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

    • sure, u may do so as long as u put my link under the quote

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