Fruits In Bukit Gantang – Part 3 – Rambutan

These are the pictures of rambutans I’ve taken during the Bukit Gantang trip. Well, some of the pictures are better than the previous posts, but the nicest ones, are the pictures of pepper berries and flowers. Which, they will be Read More

Fruits In Bukit Gantang – Part 2 – Durian

Well, this is the 2nd set of the pictures. This set only got pictures of Durians. And by the way, nice pictures are not in this set of gallery. 😛 [cincopa AgGApf7Of4VJ]

Fruits In Bukit Gantang – Part 1

If any of you got read my previous post regarding the Rail Tourism trip to North Perak, you will know that I was at Bukit Gantang Homestay. Below are the pictures of some fruits I have taken during my stay Read More

3D2N Rail Tour Package to Perak

My family and I have been doing quite a lot of traveling these days. We went to Genting for Fantastica 2 and Stars on Strings back in Nov 2013, followed a media trip to Banghuris Homestay in Sepang with Sahabat Read More

Embracing the Greens in Belum Rainforest Resort

Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Media companions departed from as early as seven in the morning in Matic for Rainforest Resort . A few hours later,the group stopped at Kellie ‘s Castle . The media were welcomed by the Board of Kellie Read More