Google & Facebook Data Center

Just watched some video in Youtube, and found that it is quite interesting, so I just share it here. As you all know, the most busy websites on the Internet, are Google and Facebook. The videos below, are showing their Read More

Difference Between Windows Sysadmin vs Linux/BSD Sysadmin

In this post, I am not going to write too much. I am just going to show some examples according to the reality, based on the requirement need by Windows 2008 R2 and latest versions of Linux/BSD distros. The mission: Read More

Free SSL Certs From

If you previously got read my post about what is SSL Cert, then I believe you some how already what is a SSL cert and what it is for. Unlike other SSL certs issuers, CAcert do not insured you with Read More


我相信的革命,是不需要牺牲任何同志,不需要牺牲任何无辜的人的革命。 我相信的革命,是不夺取别人辛辛苦苦建立的东西,而是与同志们,一点一滴的从零建造出一个王朝。 我相信的革命,是一个可以让大家有自由发挥权力的一个革命,而不是一个领袖耍手段,强迫子民去接受一些子民不能接受的一个国度。 我相信的革命,当然不是为名,为利,为金钱。而是为大家的福利,自由与未来,一起去打造一个大家所梦寐以求的春天。 我明白,革命的过程,是很艰苦。但是不能因为要快而违背良心,去接受一些不能服众的步伐。不能因为革命的中指而蒙蔽自己双眼,去把一些看到的那些问题,当作不存在。。。

Turn Off Lights 1 Hour Will Not Help To Make The Earth Greener!

Note:This is a multi paged article. Please click to go to the next pages to read the whole article. I believe a lot of fucktards turned off their lights for 1 hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm for the earth hour. Read More