OpenShift in Rocky Linux: Preparing Rocky Linux for OpenShift Deployment

Before you can deploy OpenShift on Rocky Linux, you need to prepare your operating system. This article covers the steps to set up Rocky Linux for OpenShift.


  • A server running Rocky Linux
  • Root access to the server
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands


  1. Update Your System:
    sudo dnf update -y
  2. Install Necessary Packages:
    sudo dnf install -y wget git net-tools bind-utils iptables-services \
      bridge-utils bash-completion kexec-tools sos psacct
    sudo dnf install -y epel-release
    sudo dnf install -y ansible
  3. Disable SELinux:
    sudo setenforce 0
    sudo sed -i 's/^SELINUX=enforcing$/SELINUX=permissive/' /etc/selinux/config
  4. Configure Firewalld:
    sudo systemctl stop firewalld
    sudo systemctl disable firewalld
    sudo systemctl mask --now firewalld
  5. Configure Networking:
    Ensure your server has a static IP address and proper DNS settings.
  6. Reboot Your Server:
    sudo reboot