OpenShift in Rocky Linux: Installing OpenShift on Rocky Linux

This article provides a step-by-step guide to installing OpenShift on Rocky Linux.


  • Rocky Linux server prepared as per the previous article
  • Access to the OpenShift installer and CLI tools


  1. Download OpenShift Installer and CLI:
    Download the OpenShift Installer and CLI from the official Red Hat website or mirror.
  2. Extract the Installer:
    tar -xvf openshift-install-linux.tar.gz
    mv oc kubectl /usr/local/bin/
    mv openshift-install /usr/local/bin/
  3. Create Installation Configuration:
    openshift-install create install-config --dir=<installation-directory>

    Fill in the required configuration details such as cluster name, base domain, pull secret, etc.

  4. Start the Installation:
    openshift-install create cluster --dir=<installation-directory>
  5. Monitor the Installation:
    The installation process might take some time. Monitor the logs to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.
  6. Access the OpenShift Web Console:
    Once the installation is complete, you can access the OpenShift web console using the URL provided in the installation logs.