I work in a foreign company and most of my colleagues are foreigners and non-Malaysian who are not really familar with Malaysian culture. I would like to introduce to them our cultural diversity and since Mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner, mooncakes are just the thing that’s perfect to be showcased. Problems? Yes. Traditional mooncakes are mostly very sweet and might be quite overwhelming on the palate, and so, instead of looking for traditional mooncakes to share with my colleagues this festive season, I opt for modern, pastry-like ones instead.


One of my favourite bakery, Barcook Bakery is offering just that. The Barcook Midautumn mooncakes are the modern, pastry type of mooncakes that are not overly sweet, with unique fillings that will make you ask for more.


Barcook Mid-Autumn Mooncakes comes in 6 unique flavours in a simple and elegant gift box. These can also be bought individually at just RM6.90 per piece.


Pumpkin Yolk (RM6.90)


Japanese Purple Potato Yolk (6.90)


Red Bean Mochi Yolk (RM6.90)


White Lotus Yolk (RM6.90)


Taro Yolk (RM6.90)


Souffle Yolk (RM6.90)

My personal favourite was the Souffle Yolk and the Red Bean Mochi Yolk. The taste is totally out of this world and is definitely a must try.

If you are like me and would like some mooncakes that are less sweet and yet still tantalizingly delicious to eat or as gifts, these Barcook midautumn mooncakes should be a healthier option.

For those who are interested to purchase these mooncakes, please refer to the information below:


*Barcook Mid-Autumn Mooncake per box of 6 pieces (RM41.40)
*August early bird promotion, buy 10 box free 1 box.( normal price in September)

To place order, please call/whatsapp: 0128862234

Barcook Bakery outlets location:

1. The Gardens, Midvalley
LG-225, Lower Ground Floor
Tel : 03-2202 2234

2. The Sphere, Bangsar South
UG-7, Upper Ground Floor
Tel : 03-2732 0821/ 0822

3. IOI Mall, Puchong
Lot G00A3A & G00A5B, Ground Floor
Tel : 03-8074 7725

Social Media :
1. Facebook = barcookbakerymalaysia
2. Instagram = barcook_my