Malaysia Release Date : 5 July 2018
Running time :  127mins
Language :  Japanese (BM, English, Chinese subtitles)

Adapted from Hiroya Oku’s manga, 58-year-old salaryman Ichiro Inuyashiki (Noritake Kinashi) is living a humdrum existence. He has no friends, his own family ignores him and his doctor has just informed him that he has cancer. One night when walking his dog, Inuyashiki is struck by a mysterious light. He later wakes up unharmed but finds that he now has powerful abilities. However, Inuyashiki was not the only transformed that night. High school student Hiro Shishigami (Takeru Satoh) also gained abilities, but uses them for his own nefarious purposes.
Noritake Kinashi – Ichiro Inuyashiki
Takeru Satoh – Hiro Shishigami
Kanata Hongo – Naoyuki Ando
Fumi Nikaido – Shion Watanabe
Ayaka Miyoshi – Mari Inuyashiki
Nayuta Fukuzaki – Takeshi Inuyashiki
Mari Hamada – Marie Inuyashiki
Yuki Saito – Yuko Shishigami
Yusuke Iseya – Detective Hagihara
Director: Shinsuke Sato
Writer: Hiroya Oku (manga), Hiroshi Hashimoto


The movie offers fantastic CGI, slight humour here and there and is action packed. Storyline is quite relatable to real life too.

Definitely worth your time in the cinema and I’d rate this a 5 star. I’d say Inuyashiki is a PG-13 and not for young children as there are violence involved but do give this a go if sci-fi and action movies is your kind of thing.