I’m a System Engineer by profession and my jobscope requires me to work very long hours in data centres. Occasionally I will have to standby at odd and ungodly hours, much to my wife’s chagrin.. My rest time is not like everyone else. Sometimes when I work late at night, I will go home at wee hours in the morning to rest while my team take over my workload. Not having proper rest time and working weird hours kinda do weird things to my body. There are times I feel so restless while there are times I feel so tired and have nasty headache regardless how much I sleep.

Anyway, speaking of sleeping, I have a bit of an issue there. Whenever I woke up, I will sneeze like crazy these days to the point that it is very irritating and very uncomfortable. Worst is that it happens when I’m halfway asleep and I got up because of my own involuntary sneezing. I have always have sinus problem but it was never this bad. Contact Affordable Remediation & Emergency Services if you suspect mold is the cause of your allergies.

I of course started to sarcastically tell my wife that the room is dusty and she did not clean it up properly, hence all the sneezing but she defended herself by telling me that it’s my immune system going down and my body lacks tolerance towards bacteria around me and I should do something about that instead of putting a blame on her.

She practically told me off and asked me to use THYMOS Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray. She got it from a Guardian pharmacy somewhere near home and told me to use it. She swears that it will help to instantly provide relief for my sneezing problems.

Seriously speaking, I was really skeptical about it. Checking their Facebook page, apparently this product is somewhat a sanitizer. It is basically a sanitizer and a type of disinfectant spray with the tagline ‘Invisible Airshield Technology, Incredible Protection’.

Thymos claims to combat airborne allergens and supercharges immunity via it’s Revolutionary AirShield Technology from UK. Thymos is the world’s most advanced sanitizer that works around the clock to protect you from most harmful bacteria and viruses and it has been clinically proven to kill 99.99% pathogens and reduces pathogenically induced allergies.


Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is just spray 2 to 4 pumps on your pillow or bedsheet before you sleep, use it on your clothes like a perfume or simply spray it a little bit in the air.


I was quite reluctant to use this thing, honestly, but my wife made me do it…or rather…she sprayed it on my clothes before I go out for work and on my pillow and guess what? True to its claim, I stopped sneezing and the effect is almost immediate. Sure, the itchiness on my nose still lingers and my nose is still runny occasionally but the awful frequent sneezing actually stops. As of writing, I just used it for just 3 days and the effects is already noticeable so I guess this product does work wonder. I kinda no longer suffering from nasty sinus attacks, and I wake up from my sleep sneeze free these days. Definitely improve my mood since I no longer feel irritated and I feel much happier despite of a hectic day ahead.


Thymos Anti Sinus/ Nasal Allergies Spray doesn’t contain any steroids, antibiotic or fragrances. Thymos Self-Sanitising technology generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, colourless, odourless shield on treated surfaces and instantly weakens the pathogens’ organic membrane; stops its replication and ultimately causes pathogens’ cell death while ensuring safe skin contact for users from toddlers to adults.

Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray is exclusively available at all Guardian Malaysia at a promotional price of RM69.90. If you have similar problems like me…all sneezy in the morning or sensitive to dust, you might want to give a try. It worked on me…and my wife and son. So chances are it will work well on you too.

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