So, my wife has been nagging me for drinking too much coffee and not much water. Well, I know that this is a very bad habit and definitely not healthy but I can’t help it. The tap water, despite having boiled them prior drinking have some sort of unpleasant smell and I don’t like it. And so being a persistant woman she is, my wife decided to give this Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Machine a try to encourage both me and our son to drink water as they are offering a free trial.
Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL, so I thought, why not, right?


Ours is the Diamond Coral Platinum. The machine filters out water from your tap and gives you non-acidic water, through it’s Coral Calcium filter and produces water that’s perfect for drinking.


Inside the device, in case you are curious. This Diamond Coral Platinum has 6 different filters. Once you open the cover you can see the filters are labelled as A and so on. Filter A is the only filter that you need to clean every 2-3 weeks of usage. Not sure how to do it? Simply contact the after sales service should you need any assistance or any sorts. There are tips for the maintenance of such machine that one should check out here or call experts if needed.


Check out the tap.


The one with a small tube is where your filtered water flows out while the bigger hole is where your normal unfiltered tap water will flow out.


This button is for you to turn all-the-way  right for filtered Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and left for unfiltered tap water. Yes, you can directly drink the water that comes out from the tap. It’s clean, safe and good for your body.The filtered water has no weird smell whatsoever and tasted slightly sweet. Apart from normal consumption, the water from Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter can also be used in many ways eg: washing vegetables, cook, or even to wash your face. My wife swears that her skin irritation was reduced after using the water for quite some time to wash her face. And as for me, I feel that my body is less heaty and not to mention I feel much more energized these days. I guess proper hydration does that to you.

Highly recommended to have in your kitchen.


Anyway, apart from the Diamond Coral Water Machine, we also decided to try out the Diamond Coral WaterBar as well. The Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL.


This is the Diamond Coral WaterBar. It’s somewhat a water dispenser. Diamond Coral WaterBar features Smart Warm Water Regulator and 3s Instant Heat Technology and it dispense water in 3 temperatures.

-Hot Water Button (98 degree celcius)
-Warm Water Button (50 degree celcius)
-Room Temperature Water Button (18-25 degree celcius)

This device comes with a Safety Button to avoid scalding. The Hot Water Button is only enabled when the Safety Button is in blinking green lights.


It’s pretty easy to use. All we need to do is just fill in the water tank first by using the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. The tank can fill up to 2.8L. You may have your water plain or add in any fruits to make infused water.

I highly recommend this device, especially if you have small kids or babies around. It definitely would make milk making process quicker and much more convenient. Very useful for those with elderlies as well. Great to have it in the office pantry as well, you know, for a cup or coffee or tea or maybe an instant cup noodles or two when you are hungry while at work.

As for me? I think this device is a must have cuz it makes it easier for me to have warm water before sleep or nefore going to work. I usually don’t bother boiling water as it’s just a hassle. This device definitely make my life easier and yes, healhier too as I’m more inclined to drink water when it’s easy to prepare.

For more info on these two devices, check out the links below:

Diamond Coral Official Website
Diamond Coral Facebook

Quick links for FREE trials:

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a 60-Day FREE TRIAL while the Diamond Coral WaterBar has a 7-Day FREE TRIAL.

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