Around half year ago, I had the opportunity to play with the previous model of this Arissto Espresso machine, when it was called as the Arissto Premium Coffee Machine. Basically, the previous model and this new model is almost the same, with some enhancement on its design. They both shared the same characteristic as below:

  1. Both also for brew espresso (obviously)
  2. Both have buttons for make full cup or half cup of coffee
  3. Both using the exact same type of coffee capsule
  4. Both will heat up the water to 90°C for brewing the coffee (which is the optimal temperature for espresso)
  5. Both produced 9 bar of pressure (consistently maintained to 9 bar) to push the heated water in order to extract the essence of the coffee (which is the most optimum pressure for brewing good quality espresso)
  6. Both have a water container that you can open to refill water and put in flower petals for make flower flavored coffee, such as rose flavored macchiato (See the picture below)

This is the video where I’ve played with the previous model of this Espresso Machine

The current model I have now, which called the Happy Maker 2.0 is as below:

There are several coffee capsules that offered to be use with this coffee machine, with different level of intensity. At the time I was introduced to this product, there were 7 types of capsule was introduced to me, including the creamer capsule.

ARISSTO SUNRISE (Intensity 5/6)– A perfect balance of nuttiness and richness, it’s spirited and pleasing. This makes it a perfect match for Americano and many other types of coffee. My personal favourite as this flavour is the best choice to brew a cup of Macchiato.

ARISSTO PASSION (Intensity 6/6)-Features a strong body with a robust taste. And if I were to describe it, I have to say that it is almost similar to dark chocolate. Due to its strength and is less affected by milk, it is suited for coffee variations such as Latte or Cuppacino.

ARISSTO IN LOVE (Intensity 4/6)– features coffee with medium acidity and body. This coffee has a deep sweet flavour with low bitterness level. Highly recommended to those who prefers sweetness in their coffees. (This is the one I showed in my first video above)

ARISSTO PEACE (Intensity 3/6)– 100% composed of premium Columbia Supremo coffee beans, it’s simply soothing. Highly recommended for those who fancy coffee like the Americano or Colombian style.

ARISSTO LONELY (Intensity 6/6)– Blended from the finest beans from 5 continents, the richness of this high intensity roast provides a balanced taste with notes of bitterness. Great for those who loves absolute bitterness with lingering aftertaste in their coffee.

ARISSTO MOONLIGHT (Intensity 4/6)– A perfect balance of satisfying medium body and crisp acidity, it expresses a light rounded blend of exquisite fresh fruits.

ARISSTO MILK– This is not a coffee capsule, per se, but rather a milk capsule companion for the rest of the capsules.

ARISSTO’s signature flavors above are expertly crafted by Italian Coffee Masters. They carefully sourced from the highest quality Arabica coffee beans from the mountain at an altitude of 2,000 meters in Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatamala, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopa and many other countries to create a variety of unique ARRISTO Signature Flavours.

These are the capsules I introduced to earlier:

Recently, I discovered that Arissto also offering some other capsules, which I think worth to be mention here.

ARISSTO LUNA (Intensity *Unknown*)– This blend of Central and South American Arabicas is a dark roast with revolutionary technology, 100% made in Italy, 100% natural without artificial flavorings which reveal distinguished aromatic profile. This full-bodied and balanced flavour with a touch of floral notes makes you feel like you’re enjoying the Italian moonlight.

ARISSTO AMICO (Intensity *Unknown*)– A selection of the Arabicas from Central and South Americas with revolutionary technology, 100% made in Italy, 100% natural without artificial flavorings creates this medium roasted coffee which reveals a strong character with intense, cocoa and clove notes.

ARISSTO CHOCO – Cocoa capsule which gives you a velvety smooth texture that melts once taste. You can enjoy it as finest chocolate drink or mix with coffee for a mocha.

You can actually mix and match all these capsules to produce the flavour of coffee you want. For some recipe that Arissto prepared for you, just check it out at HERE.

If you want a free trial of this Arristo coffee machine, just head over to this link and signup for a free trial.

ARISSTO Coffee Charity Challenge!
Arissto aimed to help 500 poor children to make a better life, therefore they are now holding a charity challenge.

In this challenge, the organizer will provide ARISSTO Italian Premium Coffee and challenge the participants on their favourite coffee. The participant will be the judge to compare both coffee. Charity will be given by the organizer to the poor children with every participation. This challenge also provide a useful reference for the organizer to pursue perfection in coffee art.

If you wondering how to participate, just register yourself at Arristo Facebook page or Arristo website in the link below:
Arissto Facebook Page

Arissto Coffee Charity Challenge
Arissto Home Page

Now, just wanted to show you how syok I am enjoying the coffee.

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