REKA believes that loT is more than just self-driving cars or connected homes. It has more potential in other areas such as healthcare and agriculture which benefits the community in the future.


Sharing the idea with RE: Accelerator Programme by Telekom Malaysia, REKA Inisiatif, Malaysia’s leading loT provider has launched #StartloT, a 3 months loT workshop which specifically caters for engineering students and local entrepreneur or SMEs who wants to learn more and get started with the Internet of Things (loT). Align with the needs to enhance knowledge in loT, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) under an accelerator program called RE: supported REKA’s effort to strengthen technopreneur capabilities and foster the generation of globally-competitive loT innovations and ideas through   #StartloT.


The workshop which will be held from October 2017 until December 2017 at TM Convention Center aims to inspire local entrepreneurs or sME about the Internet of Things as well as to raise local students’ interest in STEM education in Malaysia. Students are encouraged to participate in #StartloT Hackathon which will be held on the last week of the workshop to complete their course on the fundamentals of loT. In line with the government’s initiative towards promoting new industries and making Malaysia regional hub for loT. REKA partnered with RE: to achieve the goal and sharing the knowledge of loT to all Malaysians every year through  #StartloT

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