Have you heard about ChildAid Asia? Yes? No? I’ve blogged about this last year, but in case you don’t know what it is,ChildAid Asia is an international exchange programme for Asian children where underprivileged children and children living in nursing homes are given opportunities to learn the joy of expressing themselves and presenting their talent publicly, and to experience international exchange, using arts, specifically, performing art.

ChildAid Asia hosts annual concert across the participating regions where the platform not only will help provide an opportunity for the children and young adults to gain additional performing experience in foreign lands, but also help them give back to the community by raising funds through these ChildAid Asia concerts so that other underprivileged children in Asia could be offered the same experience and opportunity to manifrst their talents in performing arts.

I’m happy to report that ChildAid Asia annual concert has made a comeback in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre recently, and here’s sharing with you some of the pictures taken during the concert:

ChildAid Asia 2017 Concert in Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre

Managed to get a shot of Li Ann and Renee, emcees at ChildAid Asia 2017 Concert in Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Centre.

The conductor who conducted the whole orchestra during the concert.

A fraction of the orchestra

Lau Jay Earn, the violinist and also, a talented beatboxer.

Dancers from Mahavidya Dance Theatre

Choir performance

Talented young musicians delivering soulful symphony in the concert.

Multi-talented musician

Songstressed from all corners of Asia.

Bennett Soo and Michelle Lam portraying Beauty and The Beast at the concert. I was amazed by this pair the most. They may be really young but boy they have talents hidden in their small bones.

Seeing the children performed made me feel glad that there’s a program such as this one, otherwise plenty of young talents would remain uncovered and unpolished. That would be a really sad thing.

Cheers to the great success this year to all who were involved in it, and here’s hoping for the best for next year in 2018.