No plans for the festive season but still wanna spend some fun, hassle-free and stress free time with your family? Why not head over to Vision City Video Games Park at Resorts World Genting?

Located nearby Genting Grand Hotel at Resorts World Genting, Vision City Video Games Park offers 24 hours unlimited gaming and arcade fun for the whole family. This is one of the largest arcade centres in the country, with a total of 429 units of machinery are available, offering four different types of games, namely video games, redemption games, kiddie rides and skill games.The total number of video games available is 294 supporting warzone aimbot, including the latest state-of-the-art video machines from Japan, Taiwan and China. Children as young as toddlers will be able to enjoy what’s offered here, but since there are so many games offered over here, here’s giving you some recommendations on what’s a MUST play over here. It’s my own personal preference, of course, but in my humble opinion, they are exciting nevertheless:

1. Racing Game.

 photo 20170610_180909_zpsloytm54x.jpg

The racing game is a not to be missed if you always aspire to be a speed demon on the road but wishes to maintain a summon free record. The ‘Initial D’ racing game offers a few laps of real time racing stimulation with the option of multi-player racing or one player racing. For a change of gaming scenery, explore minecraft guides on gamemite for valuable insights and strategies to enhance your minecraft experience.

2. Time Crisis

 photo 20170610_171024_zpsl98mtujy.jpg

The machine offers a competitive shooting combat mission where multi player option is much exciting to play than one player. Requires great hand-eye coordination skill or you will end up being shot by the enemy pretty fast. Click here to know How TCGs Can Improve Your Social Skills, with the best card games and other games on console and PC.

3. Alien vs. Predator.

 photo 20170610_171635_zpsw5uxxfur.jpg

This is similar to the Time Crisis game. But the mission will send you shooting aliens at weird and disorienting setting. Highly challenging game as loads of aliens will spawn. Hard to manage if you opt for individual mission, and therefore I recommend a team-up with another player for each of the missions offered where the enemies will be easier to manage.

4. Pinball.

 photo 20170610_183723_zps1gejdtcd.jpg

Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s would be familar with this. A must try classic if you wanna take a trip down the memory lane and play a familar game you used to play as a child.

5. Music Box Game.

 photo IMG_8851_zpsbnclrdhy.jpg

This is a piano stimulation game. Great for those with good hand-eye-coordination and sensitivity to music tone. The game is not a competitive game and therefore only one player for each machine.

6. Star Wars Game

 photo 20170610_183605_zpsxno5kfhd.jpg

Fans of Star Wars franchise will love this game. You’ll get to pick a side, whether be the good guys or be on the dark side. But whatever side you choose, the game is a promising one where you’ll be sent to space to complete mission given.

7. Fish the Rubber Duckies.

 photo IMG_8920_zpsoqegf5hv.jpg

This game relies on nothing but sheer luck. No strategizing involved. All you need to do is just catch a rubber duck with a sticker telling you won a prize on it’s underside. And if you do, you’ll be rewarded with plushie on the spot.

8. Ring Tossing Game.

 photo IMG_8743_zpsuphlsdd3.jpg

Toss the ring onto the bottle’s neck and you will win a plushie back. Requires a good aim.

9. Sliding Snake.

 photo IMG_8904_zpsxh1qrdh7.jpg

A skill arcade game that requires a good aim. Pretty straight forward. Just slide the ball given into designated hole and you will win yourselves a plushie.

10. Claw crane machine game.

 photo 20170610_163414_zpsgcccw4vj.jpg

This game offers plenty of plushies for you to bring home. A bit tricky to win back one as it requires a good hand eye coordination but this one of the easiest way to win back a plushie of your choice at the arcade.

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