I was given an opportunity to watch Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017 live. To be honest, I know nothing about pageants. All I know is that usually pretty girls are involved and all they did is parade around in their fancy, colourful outfits.

But having watched them live, I discovered that it is more than just pretty girls prancing around. It is also about showcasing one’s talent and bridging culture and friendship.

Well known for hosting glamourous events and prestigious stars from all around the world, Resorts World Genting has once again become a home to beautiful ladies who participated in Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017. The classy event were held at Arena of Stars at Resorts World Genting in collaboration with TVB and MY.fm as the official media partner.

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This is the emcee for Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017, the famous and reputable Eric Tsang.

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Miss Chinese International Pageant is graced by renowned and glamorous panel of judges; Mr. Simon Yam, Mr.Wayne Lai, Ms. Niki Chow, Dato’ Nancy Yeoh and Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, the event were literally taken a few notch higher with the contestants fiercely showcasing their grace, beauty, talent and intelligence to impress the judges.

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Eric Tsang with one of the judges before the pageant commenced.

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All of the contestants came from different backgrounds, countries and regions but each and every one of them shared one common trait; which is the Chinese Heritage.

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Below are contestants’ lineup list :

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Contestant no 1: Christina Liu, Auckand

 photo IMG_9118_zpsfasufb8r.jpg

Contestant no 2: Gam Wonglappanich, Bangkok

 photo IMG_912801_zpsztfcxqva.jpg

Contestant no 3: Crystal Fung, Hong Kong

 photo IMG_913701_zpsisr6merr.jpg

Contestant no 4: Addy Lee, Johannesburg

 photo IMG_9146_zpsyabnys0u.jpg

Contestant no 5: Serene Lim, Kuala Lumpur

 photo IMG_915401_zpsyeaz5nmr.jpg

Contestant no 6: Lili Qu, Los Angeles

 photo IMG_916401_zpsuyelungl.jpg

Contestant no 7: Janne Zeng, Manila

 photo IMG_917301_zpsvw8raked.jpg

Contestant no 8: Gloria Rong, Melbourne

 photo IMG_9185_zpsgvispj6a.jpg

Contestant no 9: Bella Li, Foshan

 photo IMG_9192_zpsffpcdp4c.jpg

Contestant no 10: Alice Zhang, Montreal

 photo IMG_920201_zpsdhkqrvxo.jpg

Contestant no 11: Stitch Yu, New York

 photo IMG_921501_zpsbqwemxpl.jpg

Contestant no 12: Steph Wong, San Francisco

 photo IMG_9225_zpsi28gxj2l.jpg

Contestant no 13: Lovelle Cengya, Singapore

 photo IMG_924201_zpscim7yzkx.jpg

Contestant no 14: Emily Yu, Sydney

 photo IMG_925301_zpssdn0vjrd.jpg

Contestant no 15: Gloria Li, Toronto

 photo IMG_9264_zpsxijfq5a0.jpg

Contestant no 16: Maria Rincon, Vancouver

The competition of international stature is enriched by the diversity of its participants and offer a global platform for young Chinese women to showcase the essense of beauty, wisdom and compassion. These talented young ladies vied for the Miss Chinese International 2017 crown as well as First and second runner up spots and the title of Miss Friendship 2017. 

 photo IMG_9518_zpsbk5pidlj.jpg

Swimsuit showcasing

 photo IMG_9547_zpslthmigs7.jpg

One of the contestant in swimsuit

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Contestants are also required to answer IQ questions during swimsuit judging round.

 photo IMG_9590_zpsrlakkw3u.jpg

Swimsuit elimination round.

 photo IMG_0216_zpsx2ojwgcs.jpg

Top 8 ladies

 photo IMG_9867_zpskgdtjyqz.jpg

Magic performance by contestant during talent showcasing.

 photo IMG_9897_zpsbf4ywcb9.jpg

Futuristic dance by contestant

 photo IMG_0176_zpscjoh7o1y.jpg

Captivating dance by contestant during talent showcasing

 photo IMG_0113_zpskumjipqa.jpg

A little of Samba to spice up the evening

 photo IMG_9977_zpsxqfh48ex.jpg

Ice skating performance

 photo IMG_9943_zpsq1omxjl3.jpg

A drum solo to ‘It’s All About The Bass’ that actually rocks the evening.

After rounds of judging in all aspects of the common pageant competition, the winners that emerged are as follow:

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Winner of Miss Chinese International Pageant 2017-  Stitch Yu, New York

First Runner Up- Serene Lim, Kuala Lumpur

Second Runner up- Crystal Fung, Hong Kong

Miss Friendship- Addy Lee, Johannesberg

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It was an interesting to be able to watch this live. If you think pageants is all just about pretty girls in pretty clothes, then you are wrong. It is not easy to walk in high heels, what more showcase your talent on stage.