The newly opened Burger&Lobster Malaysia have been quite a debate among foodies in the social media, even before it’s opening. Some say good, some are skeptical, but in my opinion, you got to click here now to try yourselves before deciding it is good or bad.

And so I did, during my recent trip to Resorts World Genting with my family.

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The entrance of Burger&Lobster is usually guarded with pretty ladies in lobster red dress. Talk about warm welcome and hospitality, this is sure very welcoming.

Burger&Lobster Malaysia

How it is like at the restaurant on a Saturday.

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Fun facts about Burger&Lobster : The restaurant originates from the UK, and the one in SkyAvenue is the first outlet in Asia. Boasting 3,500 sq ft space, Burger & Lobster debuted both the stripped menu and design ethic of the British chain.

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Seating at Burger & Lobster is mix of dining banquettes and booths, with a focus on decorative lighting.

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The seating can accomodate both big groups or small groups.

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Burger & Lobster specialises in premium 650-700g fresh lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada, which are delivered weekly to the hilltop via KLIA.

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Ordering at Burger&Lobster is easy. There’s only burgers and lobsters for you to choose from. Lobsters are steamed or grilled with clarified butter or the restaurant’s famed lemon and garlic butter. The lobsters here are available in three signature styles, namely The Original, The Big Boy and Chili Lobster. All prices for lobsters are fixed, except for the ‘Big Boys’. The Big Boys are huge lobsters that usually cannot even fit onto your plate and their price varied according to market price. Should you order that, you will need to ask for the pricing from your waiter.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed about the menu, don’t worry. The waiters are always very patient and helpful. And you can always ask them for recommendations too if you can’t decide what to order. Service is very systematic here in Burger&Lobster. Each section/tables have certain waiters assigned to it, so it is really easy to communicate orders and stuff.

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Here’s what my family and I ordered from Burger& Lobster during our most recent trip up to Resorts World Genting. Please note that some of the dishes that we ordered are specially made for Burger&Lobster Malaysia only, and only available in Malaysia. Don’t go asking for them should you patronized the outlet in London or elsewhere in the world. Other outlets won’t have it.

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Let’s start with Malaysian only lobster dishes. This is Chilli Lobster (RM158.00 Member/RM173.00 Non Member)
Similar to the local favourite Chilli Crabs, this dish is served in a huge claypot bowl to keep everything warm. Fresh, fat lobster are done in spicy gravy and served with a side of toasted brioche. My wife swears on her life that this dish was exceptional and I kinda agree with her.

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One of the most popular items at Burger & Lobster are the Lobster Rolls which feature chunks of fresh lobster prepared in a choice of three different styles. Patrons can choose from The Original, Chilli or The Seven Samurai. What we tried is this; Seven Samurai Lobster Rolls , a Malaysian outlet menu special and is not available in any other Burger&Lobster elsewhere. Seven Samurai Lobster Rolls (RM95.00 Member/RM105.00 Non Member). Chunks of lobster meat is prepped with Seven Spices Sauce and served chilled in a signature toasted brioche roll, accompanied by chips and salad. Good for lazy people who wants to enjoy lobster but is can’t be bothered to peel them off. The spices are bought from Raven’s Mulling Spices.

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The Original Steamed Lobster (RM138.00 Genting Member/ RM153.00 Non-Member). The lobster weights about 700 grams. It is served with a side of chips and salad.

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The Original Grilled Lobster ( RM138.00 Genting Member / RM153.00 Non-Member) . It weights about 700gm and grilled to perfection.

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The B&L Burger (RM138.00 Member/RM153.00 Non Member) is a 224 gram burger patty with lobster meat on top served in a custom baked sesame seed brioche bun and the restaurant’s own in-house pickles, and Burger & Lobster’s secret sauce. Accompanying the burger is a side of chips and salad. The patty is made from 100% Australian beef with no fillers and you can request it to be done to your own liking; medium done or fully cooked. Our was medium rare and it was fantastic.

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As for drinks, there are plenty of signature cocktails and other beverages in the menu but we ordered this Malaysian only special off from the menu. This is the Time Keeper (RM21.00 Genting Member/RM24.00 Non Member). Malaysians will find this really familiar. It is similar to our very own Mamak restaurant’s teh o ais limau ‘tapau and ikat tepi’ kind of drinks.

Some would say that the lobsters and burgers here are overpriced, but frankly speaking I think it is reasonable, considering that they served fresh and delicious premium food over here and come on, there are much more expensive seafood place elsewhere in Kuala Lumpur. At the very least, the lobsters here are quoted at fixed price except for the huge ‘Big Boy’ lobster. Taking a look at the menu, the price is actually similar to the outlet in London if you consider the conversion rate, so to me, it is still a good place to dine. Food was good, ambiance is not too bad with jazzy music in the background. Very casual dining kinda place and I sure don’t mind a revisit.

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Address: Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, Pahang, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 22:00
Tel: 03-6105 9186
E-mail: [email protected]