There’s good and bad when it comes to traveling. The perks of being a traveler and traveling often is that you get to see the world in different perspectives. The bad? Well, it is difficult not to sweat. I mean, literally. It is difficult to stay sweat-free and fresh during my travels. While I usually don’t mind it so much, such things can make me feel very uncomfortable, especially when I’m traveling for a purpose and not just for leisure.

Sure, I do owned plenty of dry-fit shirts that’s proven to be useful to help me feel comfortable during my travel, but it is still not enough. Lucky for me, though, I found a fantastic solution for it.

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Dashing Adventurer 2.0 range of products; a collection of EDT, deodorant and roll on frangrances.

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Dashing Adventurer Bold 2.0 EDT. This new fragrances from Dashing is specially formulated to last longer and provide freshness to its wearer throughout the day. It gives an aquatic scent wity earthly notes to evoke an aromatic freshness for its wearer.

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Dashing Adventurer Bold 2.0 No Gas Deodorant Spray. Unlike conventional deodorant sprays that finishes within 3 weeks, this no gas deodorant spray contains pure deodorant liquid that can provide up to750 sprays per can and can last up to 2 months. Besides providing 6 in 1 benefits, the quick drying technology prevents bacteria growth while allowing the underarms unparalleled and everlasting freshness throughout the day.

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Dashing Adventurer Bold 2.0 Roll On Deodorant. Pretty easy to use, this roll on deodorant is a must have. It provides freshness with masculine touch.

Dashing Adventurer range of products:

*EDT 50ml- Available in 2 variants, EDGE 2.0 and XTREME retails at RM18.90 inclusive of 6%GST.
*EDT 100ml- Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM34.50 inclusive of 6%GST.
*Deodorang spray 150ml- Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM18.90 inclusive of 6%GST.
*Deodorant Roll-Ons 40ml- Available in 3 variants, BOLD 2.0, EDGE 2.0 and PURE ENERGY retails at RM6.50 inclusive of 6%GST.

I’ve been using these during my travels and I must say that these are a must have products for men’s grooming. It helps me to stay fresh throughout the day effortlessly.