Following my family’s adventure with our friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor program for media and bloggers after the Kalumpang Rainforest Jungle Run 2015, we ventured deep into Kalumpang to Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre.

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Located deep in Hulu Selangor, Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre is an agro tourism resort that was built in the orchards on land covering 17 acres.

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Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre has more than 70 units of chalets built with both natural and modern elements. You can check out Lacet-Niederrhein for more options.  Apart from that, there are hostels for visitors who come in groups. For those who are more adventurous, campsites with tents for rent.

The place is also offering Team Building and Adventure Package, where guests will have a chance to try various activities like river tubing, abseiling, 4×4 jungle trekking ride, horseback riding and many more. Getting a Stacaravan kopen Lacet is what one can get when going on such vacations.

Here’s sharing our recent 2D1N retreat in Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre with Tourism Malaysia Selangor.

Day 1

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Perfect chalet accommodation by the river.

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Our chalet was RM200 per night with Queen Size bed and bathroom ensuite, inclusive of breakfast for two.

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Our host has specially provided us lunch and after having a rest at our room, we proceed to the next activity,which is having a swim in the river and tubing.

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Swimming in the river

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River tubing is one of the activities that you must not miss when you are here in the Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre.

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Challenging but those who enjoys adrenaline pumping activities would love this one. Marshals and lifeguards are always on duty, so no worries about getting into trouble here.

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After we had enough of swimming and tubing, we proceed to have a rest in our respective room before going for a BBQ Dinner.

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Our dinner, fresh fishes

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From the river, and onto our plates.

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We also had fun time and karaoke session that nighy with Tourism Malaysia Selangor guys before retiring for the night.

Day 2

We woke up early and went for breakfast.

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Kampung Style Breakfast was served. On the menu was nasi lemak with condiments. Quite heavy breakfast, but it is good as next on our itinerary was team building activities.

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Team building activities. The ladies opt out of this, so we men have to take up the challenge. First challenge was making connecting together plastic pole and make it stand erect by using thin rope.

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It is not easy to do. We took a very long time before we manage to complete this task before going to the next task, which is walking in giant slipper.

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We had to hold each other for balance,okay. Not easy as it looks.

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After breaking a sweat, our host served us some snacks to replace back the calories that we burned before we proceed to our next activity, which is an off road trip to the jungle by riding 4WD.

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4×4 Jungle trekking ride. It was really a tough ride. Don’t be fooled by the picture.

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We went deep into the jungle and it was a shaky ride.

 photo IMG_9571_zpsahk3g1ae.jpg

Our 4WD got stuck for a while

 photo IMG_9583_zpski5l2gah.jpg

And had to be pulled by using thick cable. I was worried for awhile but all was good. We managed to get out of trouble and went back to resort for our lunch.

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Picnic lunch ended our 2D1N stay in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre and we adjourned to our last stop for the program, which is Dataran Kuala Kubu Bharu for some Asam Pedas.

After staying there for 2D1N with my family and friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor, I can assure you that Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre is not just a place for recreation, but it is also suitable for training, courses, seminars, meetings, family day and camping.


Day trip :
Adult (>12 years old) – RM10
Children (5-12 years old) / Senior Citizens (≥55 years old) – RM5
Children (<5 years old) – FREE
Halls :
Hall + PA System – RM650
Hall 1 day (morning – evening) – RM350
Additional LCD TV/Monitor – RM220
Campsite (Day trip admission fee applied) :
Tent (4 person) + Campsite – RM40/tent
Campsite only (4 person) – RM20/tent
Tent installation – RM10/tent
Additional person – RM10/tent
Others :
Karaoke + Technician – RM550/3 hour
Karaoke + Technician (Coffee House / Canopy) – RM400/3 hour
BBQ hut + 2 packs of charcoal – RM50

For booking inquiries, please refer to the information below:

Lot 426 & 427 Jalan Sg Inki,Kg Pasir Putih, Kalumpang 44100 Kerling, Hulu Selangor, Selangor

Tel : 03-6049 1969
Fax : 03-6049 1087
Email : [email protected][email protected]