Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race is a bird watching competition that requires participants to move from one altitude to another, consequently giving the participants the opportunity to spot different species of birds in accordance with their habitat at different altitude. This yearly event is sponsored by Resorts World Genting.

The two days event kicked off in Kuala Kubu Bharu and ended in Awana Resorts and my family and I were invited by Resorts World Genting to experience some birdwatching actvities together with the birds race participants.

Not really much to tell about on the first day, but the second day is very interesting as we get to really do some birding. After breakfast on the second day, we were brought by PR executives Mr. Ho Wei En and Ms. Irene Chua to the Bird Watching Platform at Awana Genting for some birdwatching with the Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Birds Race participants.

 photo 20160424_180011_zpspwrnu5p6.jpg

There is this Bird watching area in Awana Resort.

 photo 20160424_083222_zpshxgkuld8.jpg

And here is a bird watching platform. It is quite high so you are able to see quite far if you have binoculars. Perched high above the serene landscape, this bird-watching platform offers a captivating vantage point, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the intricate world of avian activity. With binoculars in hand, visitors can truly embrace the opportunity to Learn Bird Watching while marveling at the diverse feathered inhabitants that grace the skies and trees.

 photo IMG_3876_zps4tor0jg5.jpg

We walked deep into the jungle after doing some birdwatching at the platform. It is quite misty that morning and we had to wait for a little bit to spot birds.

 photo 20160424_084132_zps6suwcvjy.jpg

Trekking deep into the jungle for some serious birding.

 photo 20160424_091919_zpsnz19w1yo.jpg

Birdwatchers setting up equipments for birdwatching activities.

 photo 20160424_084257_zpsshkhuz9k.jpg

Birders and photographers

 photo 20160424_091550_zpsyze34wf9.jpg

Mr. Terrence, a famous birder and also a jury for the Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Birds Race.

 photo 20160424_093158_zpse4r11yd5.jpg

It is really not easy to snap birds photos, but I did managed to get some.

 photo IMG_4018_zpsexlldov2.jpg


 photo IMG_4025_zpssgcolhig.jpg

A lonely bird, not very sure of the species.

 photo IMG_3925_zpsk3qrl41l.jpg

A bird that is hanging upside down.

 photo IMG_3937_zpsyywih1iz.jpg

Another resident bird in the vicinity of Awana Resort.

 photo IMG_3927_zpsmrbqxsf7.jpg

Squirrels spotted too.

We spotted at least 20 species of exotic birds residing in the vicinity of Awana Resort during our little birdwatching trip. Thank you Resorts World Genting for the opportunity given and we will surely go back for more birdwatching in Awana.