After refreshing ourselves in the room in First World Hotel, we’re out to catch some puppeteers and their marionettes in ‘Stars on Strings’ show in Resorts World Genting. For over 25 years “Stars on Strings International” have performed this highly successful fast paced show to from audiences and their peers alike, with the ability to draw the same ovations from Americans, Germans, English, Japanese and other Nationals, putting them in the forefront of Visual Comedy for multi lingual adult and family audiences and placing them unique in their field and acclaimed as the finest Act of it`s type
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It was quite an experience to watch Stars on Strings in Resort World Genting, I must say. I was mesmerized by the magic spun by the puppeteers. The accompanying background music were catchy too, and it’s very hard not to fall in love with the wonderful performances.

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Stars on Strings feature plenty of humourous and memorable narrative for the audience to enjoy.

image hosting by puppeteers are so skillful that they could actually control a few marionettes at once! It’s really impressive and I wish I can watch it again and again.

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Here’s one of the puppeteer who was responsible for the show that evening, unveiling a cast of puppets, exclusively for us bloggers to see.

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He brought the puppet alive with ease

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And captured the hearts of many.

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In the picture: John Chrishom and Josef Probst with their puppets. They are the puppeteers who made all these marionettes comes alive with pull of a hundreds of strings. Hailed as the absolute ultimate in marionette entertainment, John and Josef are wholly responsible for the creation and animation of each of their puppets.

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The attention to detail in each and every character is impeccable, the movement range and mechanism truly amazing, and the operational artistry absolutely second to none. Recognized the puppet characters?They’re Micheal Jackson, Elvis Presley and a stripper :D Amazing, huh?

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Blogger friend Sohoque, trying his best to pull the strings to make the beautiful puppet move, but heck, he couldn’t really make it move, as the puppet was really heavy! The puppeteers really got some amazing stamina, I tell you! It was a fun and wonderful experience for me and family. :D   The fun did not end there, though. After dinner, we headed over to Genting Showroom to watch Fantastica 2. :D Keep a lookout for my next post on Fantastica 2, yea?


Note: Stars on Strings Show is playing at Resorts World Genting from 16 November to 9 December 2013. Tickets priced at RM25 (VIP) and RM15 (PSI). First World Indoor Theme Park of Fantastica 2 ticket holders just need to top up Rm10 and will get one PS1 ticket to watch Stars on Strings. To watch this spectacular performance, you may hop over to or call 03-61011118. Highly recommended for those who are looking for something fun, memorable and entertaining this school holiday.