Guy Fawkes Mask

A lot people mistaken that this mask is called “Vendetta Mask”, or call it “Anonymous Mask”, just because the Anonymous uses this mask a lot…
By the way, this face, is not originated from the movie “Vendetta”. There is a stories behind the mask. And the mask, should be called “Guy Fawkes Mask”.

So, who is Guy Fawkes, and why do V recites the “5th Of November” poem?
Honestly, I can’t write much about this, so just watch the short video at below, and go to the Wikipedia link at below to find out more.

Today is 5th of November, so I am expecting some news to be seen tomorrow, besides from some fireworks.

And by the way, some Malaysian kids(script kiddies) who called them self as hacker and DDoSing around for nothing and self proclaim that they are Malaysia Anonymous, please make sure you get the facts right! People strikes back for a reason where it is for the benefit of mankind, not just for showing off and fame! Think before you strike!

And to people who always afraid of the government, watch this:

Remember, your vote is very powerful! No matter who is governing, you not syok them, you don’t need to do much like what V did, just cast your vote to the right person, thats all!

And now, I end this post with a nice music!