Detail Report Of The Video Streaming At MOSC2011:
Internet Connections At Bayview Resort:
When I arrived at Bayview Resort Batu Ferringhi, I was informed that the Internet connection we have, is only the hotspot Internet access of the hotel. There is no ISP sponsoring the Internet connection.

When I get the login details for using the hotspot, I tested the Internet speed.
The result is, the Internet connection is very slow. Enough to browse a few websites, but not enough to do video streaming.

I had also tested my U Mobile 3G using my Android phone. I found that U Mobile do not have coverage in that area, it only routed via the Celcom network and the only highest available speed is EDGE. But most of the time, it drop to only GPRS, which it will be not enough to do video streaming at all.

And when I checked my Digi prepaid line, I can only see it have 2 or 3 bar line. So I doubt it can perform well if use its 3G or even EDGE.

When back to my room, I also checked my Celcom 3G, since I always bring along my Celcom HSPDA modem wherever I go. Well, it sometimes shows the light blue light, which means 3G. But most of the time, it drops to green light (EDGE/GPRS) and it always goes up and down. So it is very obvious, the Internet connection is not stable enough to do video streaming at all.

And then my last option, Maxis 3G. Since my wife have Maxis SIM card.
And it is even more worst than Celcom.

Anyway, what to expect, right? I am at a village area, which it is not a priority for ISPs to improve the network at that place.

Rizal had tested the Internet connection at midnight in Bayview Resort, while everyone was tight asleep. He is able to boost the Internet connection at the speed of 400kbps. But too bad, when at the morning, the Internet speed was awful. Perhaps everyone who connected to the network are busy torrenting or something, because I can’t even load my Gmail or Facebook properly. It took me almost 2 minutes to login into my Facebook.

There are some suggestions in the Facebook page to use some other mobile Internet connection. Well, here is my response and answer to them:

  1. P1 Wimax: They were approached for sponsoring the Internet connection at the beginning(as told by Harris).
    Due to that area do not have P1’s signal coverage, they had refuse to sponsor.
    Well, if they are not at that area, how do they sponsor, right?
    So those who suggested to bring P1 dongle and use it there, you will be only seeing red light from your Wimax dongle, and not loading anything at all.
  2. Digi: As I said above, I only get 2 or 3 bar line. No matter how strong is Digi in Penang, they are definitely not strong in Batu Ferringhi. (Maybe because all the Digi Yellowman was arrested at that time lar… Since it was near to 9th July 2011…)
  3. Celcom: I also mentioned already, the line goes up and down like a roller coaster.
  4. Maxis: Like I said, far more worst than Celcom.
  5. U Mobile: Only on EDGE and GPRS, and it goes up and down like a roller coaster too. Maybe it was routed through Celcom network at that area lah.
  6. YES 3G a.k.a YTL Wimax: Well, I do not see any YES 3G advertisement at that place. Even when I asked around people over there, they also said never heard of anyone using YES 3G in that area. They say maybe in the town area got lar, but definitely not at that area.

So dear basher aka M.$, is there any more ISP you wanted to suggest and continue your bashing?
You are welcome to suggest them in the comment section below and I would be glad to give you an answer!

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