The topic sounds familiar?
Yeah, that is what people think about Michael Jackson. Even a comedy movie also make jokes about this by having a dialog “You are more safe with the enemy than him!”

Also, remember a quiz question like “When small, is black. When big, is white. Guess who is that.”?
Yes, he is a legend. All children also know him, children afraid of him since they know about “Come Stay With Me In Neverland, I’ll Keep You Safe! Muahahahaha!!!”.

Since Michael Jackson (a.k.a Mikaeel Bin Jackson –> He converted to Islam) die, there is a lot people writing about him and his legacy.
These people are so hypocrite. When he is alive, they just mention about his nickname “Wacko Jacko” and make funs about he cases like child molest and plastic surgery. Now he is dead, they didn’t even mention about all these and just mention about him as “The King Of Pop” etc.

Anyway, undeniable Jacko is The King Of Pop, and he also contributed a lot in charity activities, such as those UN humanity activities. He has donated a lot of money to a lot of charity organization. Channeling his money to these charity organization is part of the reason why he almost bankrupt, since he is spending money and donation without consider his financial limitations.

I am not trying to condemn Jacko, in fact, this article is a tribute to him, so don’t slam me before you finish read!

Before he is dead, when someone mention the name “Michael Jackson” what is the first thing that comes in your mind?
I have the answer, it is “He molest children”, “Plastic Man!”
And yes, this is how we know him and remember him. So don’t be so hypocrite and pretend that you never disrespect him. Remember him as a “Child Molester” and “Plastic Man” is actually also a way to pay tribute to him, as this is the closest thing we can relate to him.

Other thing that we can remember about him is his moonwalk and also when he dance, he like to hold his Lanciao (cock).
This is his most famous trade mark, and there is only 1 person able to impersonate it well, the Malaysia One In A Million outcast, who also named Michael.
Don’t believe me about he like to hold his lanciao when he dance ar? Watch the video at below yourself lar.

His death is a relief to a lot of parents, but his death is a bad new for those charity organizations.
I say, his death will cause a lot children who need help in those poor country like South Africa lost a source for getting food. He actually channeled a lot of money to feed these poor children, provide education to these children.
But I think he already prepared his will to channel the money that he left over to his children and all the charity organization that he have involved in.

Actually if I wanted to spend more time, I can write a lot more about Jacko, but since I am lazy to write too long, so I just stop here, coz Jacko’s legacy is too much and need a lot more time to write. I am not writing a book about his legacy, right? So no point to write so long.

By the way, the song on the top of the article is Jacko’s latest song which not yet release. But it looks like not yet complete…
And at below is the Jacko’s soundboard and a flash game for you to play with.
By the way, the “Jacko Trow Baby” is actually based on one of the Jacko’s news previously, you can find it in the google.
Have fun!