Hotels are usually ranked by some associations and travel websites using certain rating systems. To guide you with your hotel selection, you need to understand hotel star ratings, find out about diamond ratings, and identify hotels with descriptive ratings. It is also important that you understand the rating criteria in order to know what to expect from the hotel you choose.

The numerous hotels in your area of preference make it difficult to choose which hotel could best serve your needs, your budget, and your expectations. With hotel ratings, you will at least be guided with the type of hotels available for accommodation and for relaxation. Here are three common hotel rating systems that can help you with your hotel selection:

Understand hotel star ratings

The star rating is the most commonly used rating system for hotels. Hotels are rated from one to five stars, with a one-star rating indicating a very basic form of hotel accommodation and amenities. On the other end, a five star rating suggests very prestigious accommodations, facilities, and services. Some associations and websites ratings include half point stars, while others rate up to six or seven stars for remarkably luxurious hotels.

Learn about diamond ratings

The Diamond rating system is also used instead of a star rating. Many North American and Caribbean hotels are rated by AAA, the American Automobile Association, using the diamond system. Unlike other independent rating organizations, hotels apply to AAA for evaluation. They must meet requirements specified by AAA in order to be assessed and rated.

Identify hotels with descriptive ratings

Hotels may also be rated and identified using descriptive terms. One-star hotels are sometimes called budget or economy hotels, and are commonly found in distant places, while two-star hotels are called standard hotels and have better rooms and services than budget hotels. Three star accommodations are sometimes called first-class hotels and are commonly found near airports and terminals. Superior hotels are also used to describe four-star hotels and have accommodations and services described as more than comfortable. Finally, five star hotels are commonly called deluxe or luxury hotels have classy rooms, exceptional service, and more amenities than most other hotels.

Understand the criteria for rating

The criteria used by travel websites and organizations for hotel evaluation usually include the quality of customer service, such as staff friendliness, concierge, valet parking, and room service; the features of the rooms; the elegance of the hotel decor; the amenities available, including swimming pool, business center, gaming room, children’s play area, and fitness gym. Accessibility of the hotel to leisure, dining, shopping, and business districts also plays a very important role in rating a hotel. Four star hotels Las Vegas lists, for example, may yield a far greater number of hotels than two or three star hotels because of the popularity of the place.

In some places, hotel ratings may be inconsistent due to numerous institutions and travel websites rating a certain hotel. Nevertheless, these ratings are more or less the same, with probably half or one star difference with another rating. It is always best to browse three to four ratings and reviews of hotels in order to make sure you come up with the best rating and evaluation.