To understand luxury hotels better, you should be aware that there is no standard rating system for luxury hotels, that they are more expensive than other hotels, that luxury chains follow uniform company standards, that luxury hotels place great value on their guests’ experience, and that luxury hotels are becoming more accessible.

Luxury hotels are considered to be at the pinnacle of the hotel industry. Over the years, a “5-star” hotel rating and the term “luxury” were thought to be synonymous. However, it has become clear that the definition of a luxury hotel is not exclusively tied to ratings. More and more Miami Beach luxury hotels and hotel chains have used the “luxury” label to define and promote their accommodations. Here are some essential things to understand about luxury hotels:

There is no standard rating system for luxury hotels

What travelers should first understand is that there is no standard rating system used for objectively classifying luxury hotels. A 5-star rating should not be your basis for determining whether a hotel is considered luxury or not. At best, a 5-star rating can serve as a guideline that gives guests a general idea of what they can expect from a hotel, but this rating can mean different things in different countries. For instance, in recent years there has been a common practice in the hotel industry to use 6 stars and 7 stars instead of the more common 5 stars. However, guests can be certain that whether it’s 5, 6 or 7 stars, these ratings generally mean a luxurious hotel ambiance.

They are more expensive than other hotels

Although price is not the only defining factor of luxury hotels, it is undeniable that luxury hotels cost considerably more compared to most other accommodations. Luxury hotels are positioned to cater to the upscale market and, hence, they are more expensive than standard accommodations. Luxury hotel guests will be paying for a wide range of facilities, amenities and services that are typically not offered in cheaper accommodations. In many cities, hotels that have day rates above $250 are regarded as luxury.

Luxury chains follow uniform company standards

Because there are no definite criteria for determining whether a hotel is considered luxury or not, guests can become confused by the variety of choices available. Luxury hotel chains are a good option since these hospitality corporations follow prescribed standards set within the company.

Luxury hotels place great value on their guests’ experience

Many luxury hoteliers would say that the guest experience is key to the product or services they are offering. Providing more than a wide range of facilities and a sense of exclusivity and prestige, luxury hotels give their guests a unique and luxurious hotel experience—something guests have not tried before but will look forward to trying again. Get the chance to experience the Mykonos villas, a perfect location for their breathtaking views and relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury hotels are becoming more accessible

The definition of luxury is dynamic and ever-changing, and recently, luxury hotels have become more accessible as more consumers enjoy greater disposable income. Many hotel brands have included brand extensions that offer a similar luxurious experience at a lesser cost. Additionally, boutique hotels have used the luxury label to define their own accommodations, but they offer these at the same affordable rates.

The definition of a luxury hotel is quite broad, and so the key is to determine what you consider luxurious – whether it’s exclusivity, privacy or other factors – and use this as the basis for your choice of luxury accommodation.