You must establish values because they can affect the different aspects of your life, become your driving force and guide, influence how other people perceive you, and help make you into a conscious and purposeful being.

Values are psychological and intangible in nature. Our value system may be taught to us by our parents or people who matter to us. Our values may be the results of past experiences, education and knowledge or conceived from a religious conviction. Although values are not physical objects that we can easily see or touch, they can be manifested in many other ways. Our personal values are reflected in the way we behave, in our priorities, in how we go about our activities in daily life, in the decisions we make and in how we respond to and solve issues that come our way. Here are some reasons why establishing strong values is important.

Values can affect the different aspects of life

Values can significantly affect the different aspects of your life. Your value system may influence how you make decisions from trivial choices to life-changing ones. When your decisions are consistent with your value system, you feel satisfied and content. On the other hand, when you do something that is contrary to what you believe in, you tend to become restless and uneasy.

Values become our driving force and guide

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