If you’re planning on establishing a teen help group, you need to look for a suitable administrator, write a letter of intent, send it to the appropriate presiding organization, make the group’s constitution, appoint the club representatives, and begin members orientation.

One’s adolescent years are typically full of conflicts and personal difficulties. Sadly, a lot of young adults don’t open up their problems to their families. Teen Help clubs are organized to aid adolescents in different ways. You can think about establishing this type of club if you want to assist young people cope with everyday challenges that they are going through or simply just prefer to lend a listening ear to them. Here are the steps you can follow:

Look for a good administrator

The club administrator will help guide everyone to the right direction. This particular role is really vital; thus, it is advisable to choose a person who has the traits you are looking for. The individual you choose must be responsible, understanding and should also impart the principles of the organization.

Draft a letter of intent

You have to draft a letter of intent to be sent to the appropriate organization. The letter should contain the group’s mission and also the purpose behind the development of the group. There are plenty of sample letters of intent and also forms available on the Internet. You need to have at least 10 members in order to successfully form the group, however, if you’ll only be meeting casually every now and then, then three members would be good enough.

Send it to the appropriate governing association

If you are establishing the club as part of secondary school and it comprised of high school students, you must submit the letter you’ve written to the Student Government Association (SGA). This association governs organizations in the high school and ensures that all the clubs are perfectly run. The SGA is also usually responsible for granting new groups.

Write the club’s constitution

The constitution will function as a general guidebook for how you will be running your club, including the club’s protocols and regulations and other vital issues. You can also put information regarding how club meetings should be done and handled. If you ever need any help making one, you can research sample constitutions online. You may make the constitution together with the important members of the group so that you can go over all the details you want to include in the constitution. When you are done making the constitution, you should also send it to the SGA.

Elect the club officers

As soon as the SGA approves the group’s constitution as well as the various other requirements you submitted, you’re now officially deemed a club. You can now start electing the club’s officers who’ll be the primary representatives of the entire group. The key positions you have normally include the president, vice president, the treasurer and the secretary.

Begin members orientation

You will need to begin holding group meetings aimed at orienting your members on the suitable and most reliable strategies of aiding young adults. You can also share a protocol for the best technique to handle and take care of problems.

You should always give an inviting and positive environment for all the adolescents who visit the club. For more sensitive issues, you may want to seek professional help or counseling.