In order to effectively keep Lyme disease at bay, you should practise right safety measures. These include getting rid of ticks the right way, checking your dogs and cats frequently, reducing exposed skin areas, dressing appropriately, and wearing pest repellant.

Lyme disease is steadily becoming a serious illness because of the broad break out of several forms of ticks which spread the virus. Prevention is better than cure in this instance, and suitable preventive care must be paid careful attention to.

Remove ticks the appropriate way

Lyme disease is essentially a skin ailment which is spread if ticks strike your skin. If you happen to discover ticks on the skin, the preferred approach to remove them is to apply tweezers. Do not eliminate them off as they could latch on to other parts of the skin. One way of eliminating ticks is by rubbing alcohol to the area which has been attacked. The alcohol helps you to destroy viruses and bacteria while eradicating the tick simultaneously. If you fail to remove the ticks from your pores and skin properly, you may risk the tick inserting it’s toxic into your blood, thus spreading the virus to your entire body.

Check your dogs and cats regularly

One sure strategy to contract Lyme disease is by contact with ticks from your domestic dogs and cats. While Lyme disease was once confined to limited types of ticks, recent times have proven that typical ticks found on dogs and cats could also be carriers of this kind of disorder. Therefore, as a preventive measure as well as a general health care guideline for dogs and cats, get them regularly examined for ticks. Furthermore, you could apply tick-free shampoo to your dogs and cats when you’re providing them with a bath as this will help to repel ticks from attacking and affixing to your domestic pets.

Minimize exposed skin parts

When trekking through woods and areas with tall grass, it is best to tuck in your clothing. This lessens the open parts of your body and acts as an efficient prevention method by keeping ticks from latching onto you. You might also buy protective gear like gloves and knee-length socks if you are going into areas which are humid, moist and grassy. Ticks have a predilection for crawling into the parts between clothing, which makes it even more important to put in your clothes in order to stop this from happening.

Dress appropriately

Dressing appropriately for the hobbies in which you’re involved will go a long way in guarding you against Lyme disease. Prior to getting into woody or grassy places that are rife with ticks, put on knee-length footwear and long-sleeved tshirts. Also put on light-colored garments as this makes it easier for you to view any ticks which may have latched onto your outfits.

Wear insect repellant

Prevention is always better than the cure. Rather than waiting to get bitten before you take action, keep yourself protected against the onset of Lyme disease by applying bug repellant before going into places that are potential mating grounds for ticks and Lyme disease. If you’re pretty certain that you’re going to be spending long periods of time outdoors in the woods or in places that are moist and humid, be sure to apply a sufficient layer of bug repellant to your skin and everywhere else that is exposed to the environment and potential attack by ticks.