As an agent, you can generate free health insurance leads in very simple, yet effective ways. You can start with your family and friends, always have your business card ready, get involved in organizations and clubs, go online, be very visible,; and observe and listen attentively.

Nowadays, many agents go to different companies offering health insurance leads in order to get more clients and get ahead of the competition. This strategy may sound fast and easy, but it may cost you lots of money just to get those leads. In order to get health insurance leads for free, consider the following helpful strategies:

Start with your family and friends

Insurance is about trust. The people who can trust you the most are your own family, other relatives, and close friends, so the best way to get free health insurance leads for agents is to start with them. They may be your top clients in the future. Keep a good relationship with them, and you will gain their loyalty. Furthermore, they can give your referrals who might be in need if your services.

Always have your business card ready

Always keep a business card in your pocket ready wherever you go, for you never know who you will bump into. Even beach outings, camping, and strolls in the neighborhood are no exceptions. You just might happen to come across individuals and families who could be your prospects. Keep your business card as complete and free from clutter as possible. Make sure your name and contact details are also easily readable.

Get involved in organizations and clubs

Joining clubs and other organizations give you more exposure and a better chance of getting to know more people, who will be your prospects. Clients prefer to deal with people they know and people they can trust. Being active in civic organizations proves that you and the name of the company you represent is truly part of the group and that you are someone they can give their trust and loyalty to.

Go online

The internet is a powerful advertising tool. Joining social websites, such as Facebook, can help inform your friends and other people that you are in the industry. At anytime, they can get in touch with you for their needs. Setting up your own website can also help you get more leads. You can also register in online markets where you can advertise your services for free and check out who could be looking for your services.

Be very visible

Another effective way to get free insurance leads is to get really visible. Many agents are able to get free leads by regularly hanging out at certain restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments where the chances of meeting new acquaintances are high.

Observe and listen attentively

Being a good health insurance agent entails being an attentive listener and a good observer. This skill does not only apply to hearing the needs of your prospects, but also for getting more leads. When talking to new acquaintances, get in the habit of knowing about their jobs, their families, their hobbies,and other things that sound pretty typical for new acquaintances, but provide you with important and necessary data while generating leads. Learn to observe the people around. for you just might have what they need.

These are just some of the most effective tips to get health insurance leads for free. When you have your leads and you have offered them your product, do not forget to follow up. However, do not reach the point that you are begin irritating your prospects. When they have not made up their minds yet, always ask when about a good time to follow up. Remember, you are an insurance agent, you want to attract prospects, not get rid of them.