You can find the best group insurance leads by employing any of these methods. Review this list and see which one works well for you. You can use direct mail advertising, Internet information, telemarketing, recommendations, and conventional media.

A continual source of insurance leads is the basic pillar of group health insurances of whatever type. In order to obtain a constant flow of qualified insurance leads, you need to employ some methods that will aid you in your search. Make sure to pick the one that suits you best. Any of these five methods might be the right one for you.

Direct mail advertising

Direct mail marketing is one of the long-standing prospecting techniques used by insurance experts. However, it has recently turned out to be less likely to be used by insurance brokers. The use of this method plummeted due to the escalating costs in postage, ink, envelopes, paper and labor.

Internet information

In the advancement of technology, information is now becoming more accessible with the use of the Internet. Numerous lead providers using advanced advertisements and superior Web sites are able to draw health insurance prospects. The internet insurance leads gathered by these providers are then sold to brokers. This method may seem alluring. However, this has several risks and errors attached to it. Many online lead companies are using ambiguous campaigns to persuade individuals to give out information that might just be a waste of time, effort and money for brokers since they are not quality leads. In most cases, the same information for potential clients is not restricted to one broker only. Instead, they are sold to many brokers.


Telemarketing is an additional insurance lead creation methos. It has been repetitively examined and evaluated that leads to a partially obvious result. Just like direct mail, a number of trials should be done before identifying clear and optimistic responses. It may take a while before your marketing investment becomes lucrative. In fact, telemarketing can be a good choice since it costs less compared to direct mail. At the same time, tlelmarketing is capable of providing the same outcome. The key here is hiring knowledgeable and competitive telemarketers because they are most likely to close a good business deal with potential clients.


Asking for recommendations from current clients is a very easy and useful strategy. The advantage of acquiring new leads through referrals would be a savings on cost. You do not have to pay anything by asking for some referrals.

Conventional media

Conventional media marketing includes television, radio and newspaper advertising. This method may seem very appealing, but it is often very costly and useless. Superficially, it may appear to have a far-reaching coverage to its targeted demographics. However, it is very expensive due to the continuous fees for print and airtime expenses. Nowadays, consumers are so flooded with commercials from various companies that they are likely to ignore and reject any type of infomercial. Currently, busy small entrepreneurs find it a waste of time to watch television or listen to the radio.