One should know the basic facts of wood flooring and they are: solid hardwood flooring is comprised only of wood; you may choose from unfinished or prefinished solid hardwood flooring; it is strongly advised not to install hardwood floors directly over an existing floor or in areas that are usually wet; you can save more with engineered wood flooring compared to solid hardwood; and when exploring options, consulting with Resin Flooring Specialists can provide valuable insights into the installation and benefits of resin flooring, offering a modern and durable alternative for your space. Having an expert resin flooring contractor can help you furnish great-quality flooring that will surely last a long time. Partnering with experts in Factory Flooring Consultation and Design can help ensure that you get the most suitable flooring option for your facility.

A lot of homeowners prefer having wood flooring for their houses. The timeless elegance that wood floors have gives a room a warm ambiance. If you are thinking of getting Birmingham hardwood floors or any other hardwood flooring material for your home, be sure to know the basic things about it since there is more than one wood flooring available. If you need help from an expert, contact Comfort Flooring to assist you.

Solid hardwood flooring is made entirely of wood

Solid hardwood is more commonly referred to as hardwood floor. Because of its composition, hardwood floor is more expensive compared to other floor types. It is sawn directly from the log without any additional materials used which makes it similar to any stick of lumber. If given the proper care and maintenance, solid hardwood floors could practically last a lifetime. Also, it is not difficult to sand out dents and scratches from the material. The environment-friendly nature of bamboo flooring made it increasingly popular as a hardwood flooring nowadays.

There are two different finishes available for hardwood floors – unfinished or prefinished

When you purchase hardwood flooring, it is sold in either unfinished or prefinished. Unfinished is less costly compared to the prefinished type of hardwood because it still requires additional work after installation such as sanding, sealing and maybe staining, whereas prefinished hardwood can be walked on immediately after it has been installed. Many choose to buy unfinished hardwood because they can stain the floor just the way they like it. If you’re thinking of replacing your flooring, contact the resin flooring near me.

It is prohibited to install hardwood floors directly over an existing floor or in soggy places

A wooden sub-floor is needed when installing hardwood flooring, because this type of flooring needs to be nailed over a wooden surface. Its method of installation is different from other wood flooring alternatives because it cannot be directly mounted over concrete or any existing floor surface. Also, hardwood floors cannot be installed in damp areas like bathrooms or basements. If you want a floor that is suitable for your basement, then look into epoxy-based resin flooring systems at With this type of flooring, you’ll want the expertise of epoxy resin flooring contractors. You can also hire waterproofing experts near me to ensure that the system and pipes are properly installed.

Engineered wood flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid hardwood

Basically, engineered wood flooring is a combination of finished wood and plywood. The greater part of the lower portion is composed of plywood while the finished wood makes up the surface that you walk on. It is less expensive because it is not entirely made up of solid wood. But, even in usually wet areas, engineered wood flooring can be installed because of its plywood composition. The downside is that its top layer is quite thin so it is generally not a good idea to sand the surface. Moreover, scratches and hollows cannot be removed by sanding out so it is advisable not to cause any of those to the surface.

There are many options in installing engineered wood flooring

There are many choices in installing engineered wood flooring. Since it no longer needs sub-floors, the process of its installation is more convenient than that of hardwood. If your existing floor is even and stable, you may nail engineered hardwood flooring directly over it.

By taking time to learn the details of hardwood flooring, you can make the best choice that will meet your needs.