You should know some myths about acne like it is caused by food like chocolate, French fries and pizza; it is caused by not washing the face enough; only teenagers suffer from acne; there is no cure for acne; and exposing your skin to the sun will cure acne.

Acne affects both the skin and lives of many young adults, adolescents, and even has effects lasting into the person’s later years. Fortunately, there are a lot of products that are now available to treat acne, from natural treatments like argan oil acne products to medications prescribed by dermatologists. But, regardless of the various resources available in treating and knowing something about this skin trouble, many people continue to be victim to several acne myths. These are the most common ones you will come across:

food like chocolate, French fries and pizza result in acne

The belief that food like chocolate, french fries or pizza may result in acne might be because it is true that teenagers like to eat these foods and they tend to have more problems with acne. People often make false connections between the foods they eat and their acne problem. Though it is important to avoid oily and greasy food stuff and eat a healthy well balanced diet, acne is not necessarily the result of poor eating habits.

One of the reasons for Acne is inadequate washing of face with water

Although washing one’s face is an essential part of a healthy skincare regimen, it does not mean that if you have acne you have to wash your face much more often to clear it from its blemishes. Washing with a two times a day with soap should be good enough. Having a soap dispenser is also important for ensuring convenient access to hygiene essentials. You will only end up drying the skin and even irritating it, if you over-wash your face. Over-washing may also cause bacteria to spread all over your face and result in further breakouts. Remember to avoid over-washing with harsh and drying cleansers and exfoliants on your skin. If your face gets greasy in the middle of the day, you can use oil blotting sheets rather than washing it.

Teenagers are the only ones who have acne

While those in their teens are frequently afflicted with acne, they are not the only ones who must deal with this skin issue. In fact, acne can affect young adults and even adults. Adult acne is a common problem, but it can still be treated with the right medications and skin treatments. Make an appointment with a specialist if you are grown and you experience terrible acne.

Skin acne cannot be healed

Some people might consider their acne problem a hopeless case after using numerous treatments and medications. Acne is a treatable and easily solved skin issue that plagues many people. The main thing is to get the correct formulas for your skin. Your personal skin problems may not be solved that effectively by using the acne-remedy your friend is using. If you have been trying OTC skin remedies and you continue to have acne, you should receive professional help from a dermatologist.

Exposing your skin to the sun will cure acne

Exposing acne to the rays of the sun won’t help it at all. Although a nice tan will look good, it does not remove underlying skin problems. As a matter of fact, excessive sun exposure can cause significant skin damage. It can dehydrate and cause skin irritation as well as result in sunburn and redness. Additionally, sun exposure can increase the possibility of skin cancer and premature aging. Never expose yourself to the sun’s rays without wearing a lotion containing a high enough sun protection factor for your complexion.

Being aware of the different acne myths will help you take care of your skin better and let you know more effective treatments to solve this skin problem.