In order to advance in a clothing store, the employee needs to tend to all customer needs and keep the store in a tidy fashion.

Clothing shops are best equipped with employees who will be able to serve customers and maintain the shop. The responsibilities of clothing store employees range from doing menial tasks such as ensuring job ticket holders are connected securely to the items for customer’s entertainment and answering their questions and fulfilling their needs. The field that these employees work in has minimal opportunities for advancement but has proven to be stable employment. What follows are some more responsibilities and skills needed to work in a clothing store:

They keep the display area and stock rooms in order

Clothing store employees have to make sure that their shop is presentable and inviting to customers. They will have to perform maintenance like dusting and vacuuming, wiping surfaces and windows, folding and hanging items and making sure that all the merchandise is in the right location. So that customers can search easily for the items they want, employees are responsible for making sure the stock room is clean.

These are the folks who see to customer needs

People shopping for clothing are normally highly detailed and demanding. Acting as customer service personnels these clothing store employees attend to the needs of the customers, answer to product inquiries and may also make product recommendations due to this reason.

The requirement is that they care about customers

Staff members of clothing stores should be kind and customer service focused to be successful in their work. It is necessary that they have a pleasant personality so their customers will be inspired to take some shopping in the store. Clothing store employees must know how to deal with different kinds of people and be able to meet the needs of their customers.

Store supervisors prefer to employ youngsters having General Education Diploma or those still studying in school. Basic skills in math are also necessary, so money can be counted and proper change can be given. Past job experience is not really needed.

More often than not they can set their own work schedule

Workers have the option of choosing their shifts. This makes it a good job opportunity for people looking for part-time work. Some can choose to work during evenings, holidays or weekends. Also there are overnight hours available sometimes during the Black Friday holiday. Holidays may be restricted, however, to specific high volume shopping times such as Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving.

The opportunities available depend on the size of the company

Advancement opportunities for clothing store employees may vary and depend on the establishment’s size. Small clothing boutiques typically don’t have enough promotion opportunities since the owner handles most of the supervisory responsibilities such as the financial business. You will have the chance for promotion if the establishment you are working for is a large one. Higher standards are set for larger stores when it comes to future employee selection.

As with all jobs, clothing store employees should be motivated and responsible in carrying out even the most menial assigned duties.