To effectively keep your own hockey cards, you could either utilize pages made particularly for keeping hockey cards or utilize specially designed corrugated cardboard boxes.

If you’re a collector of hockey cards then you probably want to find the right method to protect your collection and keep them in excellent condition. Correct storage and managing of your card collection is very important because the smallest deterioration can lessen the card’s value. You will find card grading organizations which specialize in keeping precious and exclusive edition trading cards. In case you prefer to manage the storing procedure on your own, the following are the other techniques you can choose:

Use pages developed especially for keeping hockey cards

One of the most common means of storing hockey cards is the use of phthalate free vinyl sleeves or archival pages. To use this approach, follow these procedures:

* Determine whether you want to utilize archival or non-archival pages. Archival and non-archival pages each have special features. Many of them will let you store up to nine hockey cards of regular sizes. These are normally available from sports memorabilia shops or from online stores. These types of pages may be created from polypropylene, are PVC-free and are developed specifically for archiving. However, they can be quite expensive. A less expensive alternative is plastic or vinyl sleeves, but these won’t provide the same quality of protection.

* Sort out the cards that you want to store within the pages. You can either manage your collection in precise order, or according to sets, teams or sports player. Consider your likes and comfort when choosing the order to use.

* Properly put the cards into the pages after you have an arrangement in your mind.

* Now you can place the pages in a D-ring binder. These kinds of binders will help you keep and correctly stack the cards. Binders will also keep the pages flat therefore preventing them from warping and crumpling the cards.

Utilize specially made corrugated card board boxes

Another alternative you may choose for keeping your hockey cards is to use corrugated cardboard boxes that are created specifically for keeping hockey cards. These kinds of boxes are available in several sizes and are an efficient and practical option if you have a large card collection. Listed below are the instructions you may follow if you want to use boxes for your collection:

* Choose what box you want to use for your collection. Some boxes could store fifty cards and others could hold over a thousand. Consider how large your collection is and how many cards you need every box to contain. Aside from the storage capacity, you need to look into the interior functionality of the boxes. Many boxes have single rows and are easy to put on shelves while others have many rows inside.

* Look for discounts when you buy. You will find online retailers and sports memorabilia retailers that provide special discounts for mass purchases of card storage space boxes. You will be able to get a great deal if you buy many boxes for your own collection from a single store.

* Once you’ve your boxes, carefully place your trading cards inside. Remember to place a label on the outside.

When selecting a storage method for your hockey cards, always consider how you intend to use your collection as well as your budget.