If you want to give an awesome gift to a baby, why not try giving a time capsule or custom photo keychain, themed baby apparel from kid cudi merch, a customized kit of diaper changing essentials, or baby head wear.

With all the exciting choices you can encounter, picking a gift for a baby can be fun. When you buy the baby a gift, make sure that the parents too will like it. Base your choice of a cool baby gift on the parents’ preferences and lifestyle, and add in your own creativity and imagination. Consider these great ideas:

A time capsule for keeping souvenirs

When parents have their first child; they are willing to do almost anything to get the most of their parenting memories. A time capsule for preserving different baby memorabilia inside a can be a great gift. For this gift, you should find a large, airtight container. You can also try looking for a durable container with fancy designs. Remember to put a note that explains what the gift is and a future date when the container can be opened; you could also recommend an unsealing ceremony for the gift that the parents can hold in one of the child’s birthdays in the future. It will be a joy for the parents to collect photographs, toys, cards, DVDs, letters, newspaper clippings or any other souvenir that can help remind them of the baby’s birthday. If you want to make your gift more personal, you have the option to include a note or a voice recording of a message. The assortment of little treasures will be safe in the capsule and will be ready in the future to remind parents and show the child what it was like in the past.

Baby clothes with unique themes

Babies can also have their own fashion statement. Many toddler wear sets are made with a central theme. These sets often include a bib, pants, a sweater or hats that are designed to make the wearer look like a rock star, cuddly animal or fairytale character. Choose clothing which you think the parents will like their baby to wear.

Diaper changing items placed in a customized kit

A diaper changing kit is something that every parent can use since they must go through changing their baby’s diapers. Make the gift more unique by using unconventional containers like a hardware kit or a box customized with bright-colored paint or stickers. For the baby, fill the kit with the usual diaper-changing goods such as diapers, rash creams, baby powder, baby wipes; Also, include unlikely but useful things that the parents can use like goggles, air fresheners, a bottle of aspirin, face masks and hand sanitizer. Include funny tags for each item that explains what it is for.

Quirky headwear for children

There are a lot of quirky head wear made for children with pirate hat, animal ears, mullet wigs, halos and tiara designs. This gift idea is perfect for parents who are fond of dressing up their toddlers. Look out for a design that will amuse the parents a lot.

The gift you give for babies can be fun for both the baby and the parents; just remember to choose a gift that will express your feelings.