Some baby gifts you might choose for tech savvy parents include a baby care timer, electronic crying analyzer, digital media frame, baby video monitor, or a portable baby bottle warmer.

If you are attending a baby shower, christening ceremony or a baby’s birthday, it’s good to know some great baby gift ideas. There are several baby care items that are both practical and time-tested gift ideas. But if you want to try something new or if you or the child’s parents are tech savvy and fond of gadgets, there are several cool baby gifts equipped with modern features that you can give. Here are some of them:

Baby care timer

A baby care timer is the perfect gift for busy or working parents who might find it difficult to keep track of baby care routines such as feeding, baths and other important tasks. And often, when parents are unable to follow through with meeting their baby’s needs on time, they end up with sleep deprivation or in the midst of a child’s tantrum. The baby care timer features a display and timers. It allows parents to monitor their baby’s feeding time, diaper changes, naps and other details. Parents only need to push a button after accomplishing a routine and can expect to be reminded later on what task they need to do next.

Electronic crying analyzer

A crying baby is distressing to parents and figuring out the reason behind the baby’s tantrum can be another stressful ordeal. You’ll be doing any couple a favor with an amazing electronic crying analyzer. This gadget is equipped with a lighted display, which can flash a variety of reasons depending on what it has identified to be the cause behind the baby’s troubles. Once parents are aware of the cause, they can more easily and effectively tend to their baby’s needs.

Digital media frame

Gone are the days where fond baby memories are limited to still-life images in individual photograph frames. Now eager parents can easily show off many of their baby pictures using a single digital media frame. Digital media frames can play a slideshow of the baby pictures; some are even equipped with the capability to play sound and video files. This gift idea will amuse proud parents who can now easily share their baby pictures without having to rummage through piles of photographs.

Baby video monitor

In the past, there were only baby sound monitors for parents who want to listen closely to their sleeping infants. The baby video monitor was designed with a similar principle in mind, but with the added feature of displaying real-time video of the baby. Now nervous moms can easily watch over their sleeping babies wherever they may be in the house.

Portable baby bottle warmer

For parents who are always on the go or fond of traveling, a portable baby bottle warmer is a great addition to their baby care gear. This gadget can be charged from a standard cigarette lighter found in cars, so parents can easily and quickly warm a bottle for their baby anytime and anywhere.

There are many baby gift ideas you can choose. The important thing is to pick one that will suit the parents’ preferences and will mirror your sentiments for them.