To make the 50th birthday party celebration more exciting and memorable for a special woman in your life, you can play recorded and live greetings during the party, make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life, dress up like you were back in the years of her youth, serve old-fashioned goodies, personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme, show cartoon clips popular during the 60s and 70s, go with a 50s theme, and go golden.

Fifty years of existence marks another stage in woman’s life. Throwing the celebrant a party is a very exciting thing to do, but it can also be difficult making it more fun and memorable than her other birthday parties. Here are some unique 50th birthday party ideas for her that will surely be exciting and memorable:

Play recorded and live greetings during the party

One of the most special and truly meaningful 50th Birthday Ideas is to play recorded and live greetings during the party. You may record the greetings yourself or avail yourself of services online that will gather audio greetings from family and friends for the celebrant and compile them on one CD. To add to the surprise, you may also arrange a call from someone very special to the celebrant but who could not join the party. Let that person greet and talk to the celebrant live during the party, especially if you wish to set a more sentimental mood for a sentimental woman.

Make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life

Women, especially in their younger years, love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos. To make the party location more unique, make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life. Hang pictures of her from her childhood up to the present along with her family and friends, including school pictures, wedding pictures, and family pictures. You may also think of displaying some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics on every table, as well as enlarging and putting her best portraits from her youth in large vintage frames. The place will surely be unique and sentimental at the same time.

Dress up like you were back in the years of her youth

Bring back the fun times by asking the celebrant and the guests to dress like they used to dress in the 70s or early 80s. Make sure to invite her old friends. Play some groovy music and enjoy some fun party games they used to have back then. The celebrant will surely have fun as much fun on her 50th birthday as she did in her youth.

Serve old-fashioned goodies

The past can come back to life on the celebrant’s 50th birthday. Bring back memories by serving the favorite candies the celebrant used to love when she was young, as well as favorite pastries and other favorite dishes. She will surely enjoy all these goodies with her friends. Expect a night full of laughter and good memories.

Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme

Birthdays are always full of surprises. Make her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable by personalizing her birthday cake with her favorite icons and themes from her childhood or youth, be it a cartoon character, favorite movie, or actor. Just make sure what you choose was really her favorite when she was young.

Show cartoon clips popular during the 60s and 70s

Bring out the child in the birthday celebrant by showing cartoon clips popular during her childhood. Present cartoons from the 60s and 70s, such as Saturday Morning Cartoons, Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and George of the Jungle. You will be surprised to see the joy in her eyes as she recollects all the fun she had during her childhood.

Go with the 50s theme

Get into the spirit of 50 during the celebrant’s party by using a 50s theme. You may encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s as much as possible. For example, if she loves music, one can give her 50 songs from her childhood on a CD. Another idea is to flash 50 kind words that describe her on a screen or display these words somewhere in the venue. You can also have 50 of her family and friends line up and say one adjective each that best describes the celebrant. It can be serious, sentimental, or funny and will add some spice to the party.

Go golden

Golden girl is what best describes the celebrant on her 50th birthday, so why not celebrate the night in gold. Send out gold-themed invitations and encourage guests to wrap their gifts in golden paper and trim. Ask invited guests to wear something gold, either gold clothes or gold accessories. Finally, you can prepare golden songs to be played during the celebration and have a golden table setting prepared for everyone.

To make the celebration more unique and sentimental, you can hold the party in an exceptional place. You can hold it in the celebrant’s ancestral house, on a ferry, in her vacation house, or in a more distinguished hotel. This day only comes once in her lifetime, so make sure you throw the best party ever for this special woman in your life.