Experiencing First World Hotel

Been needing a break from all the stress, so went up to Genting for a little break with my wife and son last weekend. 😀 Stayed in First World Hotel for the night. First World Hotel is one of the world’s largest hotels, is adjoined to the First World Plaza which boasts 500,000 sq feet of indoor theme park, shopping centre and food galore. A lush, grand tropical rainforest greets guests at the main entrance of the First World Hotel, followed by a spacious Spanish courtyard lobby.


Classical looking lift lobby welcomes beckons us.


This is where my family and I overnight during our short weekend getaway in Genting, room 22-738.


Hang the ‘ Do Not Disturb’ sign on the doorknob so that nobody would disturb us and knock on our door. 😀

 photo IMG_4106_zps06cb66ea.jpg

Call me nuts, but unlike my other half, I can’t afford to be disconnected from the rest of the world, so the first thing I upon arrival to the room was look for power points to charge our gadgets, and I’m pleased to report that ample power sockets was available for usage. Definitely a gadget friendly room.

 photo IMG_3806_zps3ce1f59e.jpg

Writing table and vanity mirror WITH power sockets. 😀


TV was provided for guests’ viewing pleasure too, so if you ever feel too lazy to go out or something, you can always turn it on and knock yourself off.


Toilet was squeaky clean.


Shower booth was small pretty small for me. I feel that it could barely fit one person, but the wife got suggestive and smirkily told me that it’s designed for lovers, and I discovered first hand that night that she was right.


Vanity mirror strategically located outside of the shower booth and toilet.


And I’m pleased to say that toiletries was provided for guests too. I was worried for awhile as we traveled light and did not bring any toiletries with us.

 photo IMG_3803_zps387d4aa3.jpg

The Queen sized bed was really comfy. No complains here.

Overall, the room in First World Hotel is comfortable and clean. Price-wise, it’s pretty decent too.So do check it out if you need a place to stay in Genting.

For room bookings and reservation, click HERE

Next post will be about Stars on Strings Show. So KIV for it, folks.

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