I have a teenage son, whom like many teenagers his age, is very much involved in screen usage. You know, smartphone and laptops. People say that we should limit the children from using the gadgets, but in all honesty, let’s face it, there’s nothing much we can do to actually limit the usage of screen time as this is the modern era. Not only my son uses smartphones and laptop for entertainment purpose, but school work and assignments needs to be done via laptops as well.

One of my growing concern for my son is that long hours of screen usage daily will hurt his eyes and that his eyesight will deteriorate. i often recommend people to visit eye care centers like Robbins Eye homepage. So, as a parent who wants nothing but the best, I’m constantly on the lookout for monitors that are friendly on the eyes, and so check out here to find out the best solution. I was really pleased when BenQ, a global leading innovator in displays, launched the 4K HDR monitors with the exclusive Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology, which are not only friendly on the eyes, but can maximize viewing enjoyment as well. It is best to check out additional products from here, if you need eye surgery solutions.


The BenQ Eye-Care series with various models from 20″ through to 27″ inch screens enables computer users to improve their productivity by reducing eye strain and unwanted headaches from heavy screen usage often associated with flickering monitors. You can navigate here to find what experts say and share their opinions on this.

Now this revolutionary technology is available for all customers from entry level consumers, enthusiast gamers to corporate customers at an affordable prices.

BenQ Eye-Care monitor series features

4K HDR Display


The new 4K HDR features will not only enhance viewing enjoyment in console gaming experience time but safeguard our eye health in a wide range of display applications.

BenQ’s exclusive Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I. + Tech.)


Detects ambient brightness and color temperature to adjust display settings in order to deliver balanced brightness and color temperature to match the environment. The B.I. + Tech effectively adjust brightness to avoid over-exposure of our eyes and enhances details in dark area to reduce eye strain due to the harsh contrast.

High Dynamic Range(HDR) technology


This feature increase the overall dynamic range between true black and bright white, duplicating what our eyes see in the natural world.


They are created to bring a visual wonders to the video enthusiasts.

BenQ’s Low Blue Light

BenQ Eye-care Monitor – Low Blue Light Technology Demo Video

To protect your eyes, BenQ introduces the Low Blue Light monitor. BenQ’s Low Blue Light Mode will keep your eyes comfortable and let you enjoy your digital amusements at ease. In the visible light spectrum, blue light has a shorter wavelength, very close to wavelength of the UV radiation.

This technology filters harmful blue light in successive stages, depending on content to prevent eye fatigue. It protects against hazardous short-wavelength blue light, the newly upgraded Low Blue Light Plus Technology rejects higher-energy blue-violet radiation in wavelengths ranging from 420nm to 455nm, while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light in the 455nm-480nm range to eliminate our eye irritation without any degradation to picture performance.

BenQ monitors with AMD FreeSynctechnology


This feature effectively eliminates image tearing, broken frames and choppy gameplay.


Gaming enthusiasts will definitely appreciate a better and smoother gaming experience with the support of AMD FreeSync.

BenQ Flicker-Free 

BenQ Eye-care Monitor – Flicker-free Technology Demo Video

BenQ Launches a Full Range of Flicker-free Monitors for Added Eye Comfort, Visual Enjoyment and Productivity. The Flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue. Free your eyes from flickers by switching to Flicker-free Monitors and let your eyes do less work.

Flicker free feature ensures maximum eye comfort by eliminating fatigue-inducing flicker at all brightness levels.

Unlike conventional LCD screens that imperceptibly flicker 250 times per second, BenQ’s eye-care monitors provide immediate relief from eyestrain.

I’m currently eyeing on the BenQ newly released EL2870U and EW3270U. These two monitors will definitely allow us to enjoy extremely vibrant, precise and realistic image in higher frame rates with 4K resolution. And the best part? They care for our eyes.

BenQ  EL2870U is priced at RM1,680 while EW3270U is priced at RM2,499 in LAZADA MALAYSIA.

For more information on BenQ eye-care monitors, visit their website at www.benq.com.my and their facebook page at www.facebook.com/BenQMalaysia.