Are you looking for a property? Whether it is for own stay or for investment purpose, property in the central business district such as Orchard can be really unaffordable, especially to young working adults. Perhaps young working adults can look into a quieter district such as Clementi. It is less busy and more of a residential area as well. There are also many condominiums in Clementi for sale. This article will guide you through eating places that you should visit in Clementi.


Yakinikuohji is a Japanese style charcoal barbeque restaurant that is popular among the meat lovers. There are three different types of buffet offered in Yakinikuohji – Basic, Recommended and High Quality, with Basic being the cheapest at $17.80+ for 36 items and High Quality being the most expensive at $40.80+ for 62 items). These prices are for their lunch buffet and the price for dinner is an additional of $2+ per person. Side dishes such as Nagaham ramen with boiled egg, potato salad and cucumber kimchi are served along the buffet as well.

If you are not into BBQ buffet, you can always go for their ala carte menu, such as curry rice. With the affordable pricing, Yakinikuohji is definitely a go to place for grilled meat.

Golden Rooster

Golden Rooster is stall that serves affordable and delicious Western food in a kopitam located at Clementi Avenue. The Half BBQ Chicken with Rice is one of the best sellers. Fragant oil rice is used instead of the normal plain white rice. The chicken is grilled to perfection, with juicy and tender meat drenched over BBQ gravy. Coleslaw and baked beans are serve as a side as well.

Jit It Thai San Popiah

Jit It Thai San Popiah is a popiah stall operated by two elderly and they are famous for their popiah, and also their poor and slow customer service. Albeit the negative reviews, the stall is patronized by many and the queue is always long. Their popiah is voted one of the best in Singapore.

Say Chiizu

Say Chiizu is definitely the place for cheese lovers, especially those who love grilled cheese. The cute packaging and stretchable cheese toast are what make it so Instagram worthy. The cheese used is made by their own farm from Thailand with their own special recipes. There are different flavors for you to choose from – original cheese, chocolate cheese, charcoal cheese and strawberry cheese. If you are up for a snack, do try this buttered crunchy toast with stringy melted cheese from Say Chiizu.

Prata Alley

Prata Alley is a hipster Indian Food Joint located in Clementi. Do try their Pizza Prata that is served with salami slices and basil leaves, topped with melted mozzarella cheese. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of Prata and pizza. If you only want to get your Prata craving fixed, just go for the Prata kosong with curry. The Prata is crispy and fluffy, and not too oily for you to stomach. Those with sweet tooth must try the Nutella Prata topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles.


Natsu is a kiosk selling affordable Japanese Tempura and Tendon in Clementi Mall. Natsu allows you to customize your own Tempura Don with a range of ingredients to choose from, such as the Tempura seaweed, Kakiage, Jumbo Japanese crabstick, Tempura Ebi and so on. You can either choose to have it with Japanese white rice or Soba and end with your preferred sauce. Another great thing is that Natsu is Halal certified as well.

Ma La Xiang Guo

Ma La Xiang Guo is located at a kopitiam next to the bus interchange, serving affordable food. This stall serves a wide variety of ingredients, such as meat, seafood, vegetables and instant noodle at really affordable price. Choose your ingredients and preferred spicy levelness and you are good to enjoy your meal. Do note that the medium level of spiciness is fiery enough to make you sweat a bucket. 

Bobii Frutii

With so many different bubble milk tea brands available in Singapore, Bobii Frutti is considered as one of the new players in Singapore. Bobii Frutii is well known for its colorful pearls in their tea. With the colorful bubble milk tea that they serve, it is definitely Instagram worthy. Bobii Frutii serves a total of 37 different drinks so you are definitely spoilt for choices.

Wimi Ice Cream

Wimi Ice Cream is a takeaway store that sells Thai Coconut Ice Cream. Fret not if you are not going to Thailand as you can now get your Thai Coconut Ice Cream craving fixed at Wimi Ice Cream. The Traditional Thai Coconut Ice cream set comes with two scoops of ice cream served in a coconut husk, three toppings of your choice and a cup of coconut juice. This will be a great place for you to enjoy your ice cream with a cup of refreshing coconut juice, especially in hot sunny Singapore.

In conclusion, Clementi is definitely not a ‘ulu’ neighbourhood. With all these amazing food places you can find, staying in the West side of Singapore is not too boring after all. It is time to ask you foodie griends to come down for a food hunting journey.