Have you heard about SkyAvenue? Newly opened in Resorts World Genting just a couple of months ago, SkyAvenue consist of 1.434 million sq ft of gross floor area tenanted by an eclectic cohort of retail options and F&B establishments aimed at appealing to the captive market of Resort World Genting’s of over 20 million visitors annually. 

SkyAvenue is a unique retail concept because it was conceived as an amalgamation of the things that Resorts World Genting do best: entertainment, dining and retail catered specifically to Resorts World Genting varied visitor profile.

I haven’t had the opportunity to actually go on a shopping spree at SkyAvenue yet, but I have done my fair share of delighting my tummy at SkyAvenue during my most recent visit with my wife and son at Resorts World Genting.

Having invited to experience a 36 hours of foodie indulgence, I can assure you that SkyAvenue is dedicated to all things gastronomic, with a good mix of quick service restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, mid-range and bespoke food outlets.

Here’s sharing with you what we had during our 36 hours food trail in SkyAvenue:

1. Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks Reserve is not your regular Starbucks Coffee outlet. Starbucks Reserve serves premium coffee where it is freshly brewed to your liking from exclusively premium coffee beans. And here here’s our Coffee Master brewing Nicaragua La Rosa for us. Starbucks Reserve also offers warm meals and freshly made pastries to complement your cuppa.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 3, T2B-31

2. BMS Organic

BMS Organic offers nothing but healthy stuff on their menu. Every dishes in BMS Organic is made from organic goods. The best part? They don’t compromise on the taste. The food over here taste fabtastic but if you ask me what’s nice to eat over here, here’s some of my personal recommendations out of many other items in their menu:

-The Organic Harvest with Passionfruit Dressing RM22.90
-BMS Soymilk Curry Laksa Handmade Noodles RM28.90
-Herby Broth Pot with Multigrain Rice RM33.90

BMS Organic is not only great for those who are watching what they put in their mouth, but for those who appreciates good food as well.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-19

3. Just Heavenly

Dreaming of the ninth heaven? There’s no actual Heaven in SkyAvenue, but there’s Just Heavenly. This outlet literally offers bits and pieces of heaven. Well, literally, that is. Just Heavenly offers freshly bake cakes. Their Classic Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge Cake comes highly recommended, so if you love cakes and all the sweet things, Just Heavenly might be the place for you.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-55


Craving for something to warm your tummy? Get a bowl of porridge and some yootiao at I LOVE YOO! It will surely gives comfort to your growling tummy in a jiffy. All set meals over here costs less than RM20 where you can have a combination of items (usually it is yootiao, soya milk or taufufa) paired with your bowl of porridge.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 4, T2C-02B

5. DC Super Heroes Cafe

Feeling abit low and unmotivated? Head over to DC Super Heroes Cafe and you will be feeling Super immediately. Literally. This cafe is a superhero themed cafe and emits plenty of superhero energy around. Not only the food and the interior deco is presented in superheroes theme, bur the waiter and waitresses dons superheroes shits as well. This highly instagrammable cafe have plenty of awesome food offered on their menu, but here’s recommending some:

-Superman Punch Burger RM28
-Nightwing’s Elixir Blue Caracao Soda passion fruit pearls with RM13
-Yuzu Clark -Yuzu Laichee Pearl RM13

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 3, T2B-06

6. San Francisco Coffee

I’m a fan of San Francisco Coffee. I would at least get a cup of Extreme Mocha Frappe before I go for meeting with clients and such and I was really pleased that SkyAvenue has San Francisco Coffee too. The best part? This San Francisco Cafe is located at the al fresco area at SkyAvenue, where the cafe actually overlooks the beautiful view of Genting Highlands. San Francisco Coffee in SkyAvenye serves both caffeinated and non caffeinated drinks and of course, they have some sandwiches and pastas for you to enjoy too.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 4, T2C-07

7. Madame Waffle

Madame Waffle serves some really awesome Belgium Waffles. The kioks offer waffles to go as well as waffles for you to dine in. Some of of their bestseller includes Banana Nutella Waffles and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Those with sweet tooth would surely love Madame Waffles.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-40

8. Babajia

Babajia is one of the F&B outlet in SkyAvenue that operates 24 hours, offering authentic Peranakan cuisine. Some of their must try is Ayam Keluak, Nyonya Laksa, Char Koay Teow and Cendol. The Peranakan food over here surpass my expectations and I’ll defnitely be back for more.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-16

9. RichDad

Like Babajia, RichDad SkyAvenue also operates 24hours and offers plenty of delicious meal to warm your tummy around the clock. They have plenty of local favourites things on the menu like Grilled Chicken Masak Merah and
Rendang Beef Rice alongside with a variety of freshly baked pasta. Their coffees are wonderful too, so if you feel like grabbing a cuppa at odd hours, RichDad will always welcomes you with open arms.

Outlet location: Level 1, T2-17

10. Dome Cafe

Fancy some nice Western Style meals? Dome Cafe offers some good ones. Their pastas, pizzas and pies are among the must try and they have nice menu for young children too.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-46&47

11. Tokyo Secret

Are you a fan of sweet and cheesy desserts? You will be pleased to know that SkyAvenue offers some of that too. Tokyo Secret is promises nothing but sweet and cheesy goodness through their well known cheesetarts and Hokkaido style cheesecakes. I personally recpmmend their cheesetart and Hanjyuku Cheesecake. Absolutely divine and practically brings you from Malaysia to Tokyo and back. They also are also selling unique Cheese Oolong Tea Drink, a combination of milky and cheesy liquid and Oolong Tea. Sounds weird? It might sounds pretty funny combination but I assure you it taste wonderful.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1, T2-42

12. Inside Scoop

Wants some exquisitely rich ice cream? Head over to Inside Scoop. They have more than 20 flavours for you to indulge in and you can request for a try before making a purchase. Here’s some of the flavours that I find pleasing to my palate; Valrhona choccolate, Strawberry&Cream, Passionfruit sorbet and Strawberry sorbet.

13. PapaRich

Love all things local and wants a Kopitiam dining experience? Take it to literally a higher level at PapaRich SkyAvenue. PapaRich offers mostly local delights that you can usually find in your favourite neighbourhood kopitiam. Among the dishes that comes highly recommended here are Nasi Briyani with Fried Chicken&Sambal Prawns, Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken and Hainan Steamed Chicken Rice. As for drinks, you might wanna order their Iced White Coffee or their Signature 3 Layered Tea.

14. Koong Tong Wah

Weather in Genting Highlands is naturally cold and therefore, our bodies will produce more heat from the inside to warm us up. But at times, this will make is feel quite uncomfortable. Don’t let the heatiness gets to you and spoil your holidaying and shopping mood. Head over to Koong Woh Tong and grab some herbal jelly or heat relief herbal drinks to combat body heatiness. They have the sweet kind and the bitter kind for you to choose from.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 4, T2C-05A

15. Dal.Komm Coffee

Fans of Korean dramas will most probably recognize this cafe. It is repeatedly featured in the Korean drama entitled ‘Decendants of The Sun’ where the hero and the heroine in the drama usually go for dates. So, is Dal.komm Coffee is a good place for you to bring your other half for a date? Absolutely. This cafe is located at level 4, the al-fresco area in SkyAvenue, overlooking beautiful scenery around the clock. And oh, the desserts and drinks here are sweet and presented beautifully too. Some of the drinks and desserts that comes highly recommended by their staffs are; Chocola’de series-Chocola’de shake, Honey Caramel Shibuya Toast and Strawberry Cruffin.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 4, T2C-10

16. Tian Ma Birdnest

And so they say you will need to spend a fortune should you want to enjoy some high quality bird nest’s soup. Well, do away with such thoughts. At Tian Ma Bird Nest in SkyAvenue, high quality bird’s nest soup are sold at fraction of the price. You can enjoy a bowlful of nutritious goodness for without burning a hole in your pocket. We had Bird’s Nest with Pear (RM29.70),
Bird’s Nest with Ginseng Tea (RM23.90) and Signature Double Boiled Bird’s Nest (RM93.30). Afforably priced, I must say. And the best part? They are generous with ingredients as well. Highly recommended. A must patronized.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 4, T2C-05B

17. Kyochon 1991

Loves Korean style fried chicken? Look no further. Head over to Kyochon 1991 in SkyAvenue. This chicken joint offers made to order Korean style fried chicken and they come both in ala carte and set menu . They have both spicy and no spicy version of the Korean fried chicken, so take your pick.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1,T2-33

18. Tampopo Delicieux

Love Japanese style noodles? Tampopo Delicieux have plenty of those irresitibly delicious udon and ramen. And the best part? You won’t just get a slurp or two, but you’ll get a satisfyingly big portion of ramen/noodles with generous ingredients in each of your bowls as well. Great place to have your ramen or udon fix.

Outlet location: SkyAvenue Level 1,T2-20&21

SkyAvenue is truly a foodie paradise. Do give some of these restaurant a visit should you are in SkyAvenue. All restaurants listed here in this SkyAvenue Foodtrail Guide are Pork Free establishments.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com