It was weekend, and I was chilling out with my friend whom I haven’t seen in awhile. I thought it would be great to be able to catch up, but at the end of the day, I felt a tad disappointed as things changed so much between us and unlike before, my friend and I don’t really see eye to eye on so many things, mainly religious, political and financial views.

Well, I wouldn’t be commenting on anyone’s religious and political views. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinion when it comes to religion and politics, provided they keep it to themselves instead is shoving their beliefs and forcing others to believe in what they believed too, but when it comes to finance, I think that there is plenty of things you can do to improvise your personal finance instead of whining about it.

You see, I feel a tad irritated with my friend who asked me out just to complain about his financial problems. To me, when dealing with such things, one need to take a proactive step in order to improvise. What’s the use in being all talks and no action? Money definitely does not fall from the sky nor money multiply each time you make complaints.

Sure, times is bad, but must you whine about it? To me, no. You shouldn’t be complaining about how bad your financial state is as while things are bad for you, there are plenty others out there who had it worst. Complaining will not improve any situation and only alleviate unnecessary stress and triggers depression in most cases.

There are plenty of ways to manage your finance (see the post) during difficult times. Here’s some tips on how you can manage your personal finance the smart way:

1. Don’t spend unnecessarily. This is very important. Some people can’t instantly identify what they want and what they need. So, make sure whatever you buy is something that you need and not just something that you want.

2. Cut off on entertainments like going for the cinema or hanging out with friends in expensive cafes or restaurants.

3. Eat clean and bring your own lunch from home. You’ll be surprised on how preparing packed meals can reduce your daily expenses. Another plus point about this is that homecooked food are cleaner and healthier too.

4. Take public transport to work. It is much cheaper, and not to mention efficient.

5. Avoid using credit cards. Credit cards are the real devil. Plenty of people ended up in debts and bankruptcy because of it. You never know how much you have spent until you receive the bills at the end of the month. If you must go cashless, use debit card instead as you won’t accumulate debts by using them.

6. Don’t depend on just one source of income. Diversify. Take up a second job to generate income. Either that or do online business on a part time basis. There’s plenty of online business that does not take up much of your time or effort. Dropship business is one of it. The best part of it? You don’t need to keep physical stocks with you and you don’t need to pay up beforehand in order to generate sales.

7. Save up and make investment. Buy gold and resell them for better value when the price raise. Read about the american gold exchange review to know more about this kind of investment.

8. If you have the budget, buy properties and rent them out for passive monthly income.

9. If you have debts and unsure on how to manage them, get professional help to refinance yourselves.

10. And last but not least, if you are in a serious financial trouble and needs personal loan for it, don’t go for illegal moneylenders or the loansharks. Going for the illegal moneylenders will only land you in trouble. Visit websites that offers legit and extensive advice on taking personal loan and do some homework first before you decide on whether to take personal loan or not. This website on personal loan
offers great insight on finance and loans. Easy to navigate and plenty of crucial information on taking loans and most importantly, they recommends the banks that offers the best scheme when it comes to personal loans, like the Pinjaman Peribadi BSN which is well known for having almost hassle free approval and easy repayment scheme.

Managing personal finance does not have to be a hell of your own making. Do it right and the smart way, you will find that it is not only easy, but will benefit you as well. So be smart, and manage your finance the right way and concentrate on the solution instead of focusing merely on the problems.