P. Ramlee’s “Anakku Sazali”

Just now just heard the India’s national anthem posted by a friend of mine in Facebook. And found that it sounds familiar. After finished listen to the national anthem, only I realize that P. Ramlee’s “Anakku Sazali” song have a Read More

Be A Larger Than Life Urbanite with Ninetology U9

Hey, you! Yes, you! Do you know what this is? No. It’s not a soft toy for you to hug. It’s an Android. A mascot logo for an operating system.  It’s a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile Read More

A Ringtone To Share

Its Hari Raya next week, so I assume everyone is already in Raya mood aleady, including those who are not celebrating, but also getting the advantage of this festive holiday! So here you are, a ringtone for your phone for Read More

How to add virtual network interface in Debian based distro

As a Linux user, and a Debian lover, I tends to use the OS using commands a lot. Why not use Ubuntu? I use Ubuntu on my desktops, and on servers, I prefer Debian or CentOS. Anyway, in Linux, not Read More