Let us all not pretend that Malaysian education system actually produces well rounded individuals. I mean, just take a look at our graduates, how many of them actually becomes successful in life and is employable? And how many of those skilled graduates with degrees on hand actually gets paid accordingly by their employers? And how many of them are truly appreciated for the skills that they have? Things that students learned in school alone is simply not enough for them to excel anymore. It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

While I was bemoaning the fact how awful our education system is, how unfair things are, and how schools are not exactly teaching our kids to think effectively and critically in order to excell while I was driving the other day, I saw this taxi:

The words “Quality Tutors for Home Tuition” on the back of the taxi caught my eyes. Quality tutors for home tuition? Now, that’s something of a newsflash to me. More often than not, I stumbled upon underqualified home tutors who are much more interested in making money instead of really providing good tutoring service to the students who needs tutoring badly in order to prepare them for exams and to improve their grades.

Perhaps there’s hope yet for the students Malaysia. So when I went back home, I decided to check the website out.

I was really surprised when I browsed through the website, actually. Apparently, this website is offering the service of home tutors to all interested parties.

All you need to do is perform a search and the website will match up suitable tutors for you accordingly. Students will benefit greatly from this website, I must say.

It’s hard to find a good home tutor in Malaysia these days? Sure, you say you can always find them in tuition centre, but sad to say, not all of them are willing to take one to one session in student’s home, which is proven much more effective for students than studying in tuiton centres along with other students.

So, parents, if you’re looking for home tutor for your kids, be sure to look up this website. There’s plenty of qualified home tutors at your service.

And if you’re a tutor, and aspire to serve the children of this nation, I suppose it will be a great idea to take a look at this website too. You may offer your service through this website too. The service if free for both tutors and students to use. Just register and login to search for potential students/tutors.