You might be able to afford in-vitro fertilization treatment if you consider all your possible financial sources, make compromises on your current lifestyle, look for loans specially offered for infertility treatments, try participating in IVF research trials, or find clinics abroad that offer more affordable rates.

Many couples experience infertility issues and have problems conceiving a child. For some of them, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment may be the best or the only possible way of getting pregnant. However, deciding whether IVF is right for you is one thing, and paying for the total ivf cost is another concern. This medical treatment could easily reach up to thousands of dollars per cycle. But that does not mean you should give up hope because with a few tips, you might be able to find a way to afford IVF treatment.

Consider all your possible financial sources

Make sure you have considered and examined all of the possible financial sources you have available. These may include savings, borrowing money from your parents and other relatives, selling stocks or using credit cards with low interest rates. You can list all the options you have available and write the corresponding amounts as well as the possible risks that you might incur with each.

Make compromises on your current lifestyle

Examine your current lifestyle and see if you can squeeze out some extra money by making changes. Identify any expensive and impractical habits you have and quit these in order to save money. The money you save by sacrificing such things as manicures, expensive coffee breaks and gourmet meals may add up to a considerable amount. You can also look through your attic, garage and closets to see if you can find any items you no longer need. You can have a yard sale or sell them through online marketplaces. You can also look into current loans you are paying to see if you can refinance at more affordable rates.

Look for loans specially offered for infertility treatments

There are some financial institutions that offer loans especially for people who are planning to undergo infertility treatments. Conduct your own research and you just might find one with an affordable interest rate or with payments that can be spread over a reasonable period of time.

Try participating in IVF research trials

There are some research groups or clinics that offer free IVF treatments in exchange for participation in research related to the treatment. Some of these offers are advertised online. Usually these groups provide trials to assess whether a patient qualifies for the treatment and if you qualify you might be able to avail yourself of free IVF treatment.

Find clinics abroad that offer more affordable rates

You may consider going abroad for IVF treatments as some countries offer IVF services that are more affordable compared to the ones offered at local clinics without compromising on the quality of the service. Although it may sound quite impractical and extreme, this practice is actually quite common. Try researching fertility clinics in Europe, India, Barbados and South Africa. Even after factoring in the costs required for traveling, you might still be able to save a considerable amount of money and enjoy the added bonus of a vacation overseas.

IVF treatments give hope to childless couples but this treatment may require sacrifice and responsibility on the part of the prospective parents.