Chlorine dioxide is utilized for the management of cancer-associated conditions, is utilized to combat diseases which need antisepsis, is not considered carcinogenic by the U.S. government, and is known to manage the Herxheimer reaction. The Herxheimer reaction in cancers may occur when the human body receives huge amounts of toxins.

Chlorine dioxide is an artificial chemical considered beneficial in promoting health and wellness. It is usually applied to drinking water sources. Chlorine dioxide is applied in numerous restorative as well as disinfecting purposes and is known to be effective as a method of protection from germs, sickness and even chronic infections. But, the substance should be used with care since excessive use can bring about severe medical problems.  Among the debates associated with chlorine dioxide is that some believe that it is a carcinogenic chemical substance. Here are more information regarding the connection regarding chlorine dioxide as well as the Herxheimer reaction in cancer that could occur.

Chlorine dioxide is applied for the management of cancer-associated ailments

Chlorine dioxide is commonly utilized as a cure for skin and soft tissue which have been afflicted with cancer. Because of its strong antiseptic quality, chlorine dioxide is commonly applied for cleansing cancerous wounds. It’s also utilized for detoxifying viruses, bacteria, fungi and also protozoa. Skin allergic reactions and also irritations are usually low because the usage of the substance is safe.

It is actually used to cure diseases that need prophylaxis

Apart from malignant wounds, chlorine dioxide can also be utilized as a treatment solution for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and also other ailments that require prophylaxis. In cases of infections in soft tissues that include those caused by ring worms and even tape worms, chlorine dioxide exhibits potent shielding properties. It can also manage the damages of soft tissue in bodily organs brought on by heavy metals.

Chlorine dioxide is not considered cancer-causing by the United States government

Regardless of several arguments that revolve around chlorine dioxide, the Department of Health and Human Services claims that there’s no verifiable proof that it is a carcinogenic chemical substance. The United States government has since dismissed it as a cancer-causing substance.

Chlorine dioxide may be used to control the Herxheimer reaction

Chlorine dioxide is deemed to have excellent effect in controlling the Herxheimer reaction. In fact, countless medical professionals favor chlorine dioxide to be used as a first line anti-bacterial. Chlorine dioxide also has bleaching properties and may be applied on the skin and also soft tissue. If used topically on infected tissues, its effects are lasting, and it likewise functions like an astringent that purifies as well as removes microorganisms from tissues. The substance can be utilized as a co-therapy combined with other anti-cancer medical treatments.

The Herxheimer reaction in cancer occurs if the human body receives considerable amounts of toxins

Karl Herxheimer, a German physician, found out that a certain reaction occurred on the skin of patients battling with skin cancer. Treponema are said to be the cause of this kind of reaction. Syphilis is primarily triggered by these types of bacteria, plus syphilis affected individuals are often times considered to be high risk. In the case of cancer affected individuals, the nerve tissue as well as skin tissue are affected. The latter suffers from reddening and also slowly swells in size. An itching and burning sensation could also be felt.

While generally considered a safe treatment, the use of choline dioxide should be discussed with your doctor so as to avoid complications and overuse.